Getting Started


This is a great place to start.

You will learn how to create your first piece of content in Intuto, publish it and share it.

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Feature Focus

Adding Content Basics

Learn how to add new content.
This course will show you how to add Text, Images,
Audio, Documents, and YouTube Videos.

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Embedding Videos

Follow this step by step guide to Embed video (such as youTube) into your Intuto content.

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Reordering Content

Learn how to reorder pages and content inside pages from within Intuto.

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Instructional Design


Once you understand why you are building your content, you’ve nailed down the goal and learning objectives, it’s time to get mapping out the details. Storyboarding is a great way to help you in this process.

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Tips & Tricks

Embedding Forms

Learn how to embed forms and surveys into your Intuto content.

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Creating Animated GIFs

If you want to create a short animation with just a few frames,
say a process document or animated bullet list,
an easier option than creating a video is creating an animated gif.

Learn how in this course.

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Uploading video (using JW Player)

Currently Intuto doesn’t allow you to upload video directly into the system.
However you can upload content into other systems and play them through Intuto.
Take a look at this course to see an example using JW Player.

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