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Edumaxi Educational Design

Edumaxi Ltd is a design consultancy operating in the areas of
Learning & Development and Education & Training.

We work interdependently with our customers to maximize opportunities for
innovative design of sustainable solutions.


create and innovate (materials development – traditional print-based and/or digital)
drive and operate (project management)
coach and facilitate (education leadership development)
teach and educate (training and course delivery).
The success and strength of Edumaxi lies in the fact that it is an adhocracy,
i.e. it has the ability to be responsive and dynamic because it draws on a flexible
group of associates as required by each individual project that it undertakes.

Phone – N/A
Email –
Website –

KW Studios

KW studios specializes in providing education/training resources to
meet the needs of organizations both big and small.

Let us show you how our tools and expertise can help meet your training and business goals.

We offer educational and training Resources as well as Business Consulting

Phone – 805 455 4006
Email –
Website – N/A

Quality Learning Solutions

Quality Learning Solutions provides and supports online and blended learning for New Zealand organisations of all types and sizes.

Whether you need an induction course to on-board new employees,
want your people to have great knowledge of your products and services,
or need to provide staff training to meet your legal obligations,
we can help you create your own courses in Intuto, or we can design and build affordable, effective learning in Intuto,
customised to exactly meet your needs.

Phone – 09 837 2315 or 027 275 4301
Email –
Website –

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