Move your training online

Create and manage your staff training all from one platform.

Move your training online

Create and manage your staff training all from one place.


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Benefits at a glance

Improve staff retention

Attracting and retaining good staff is hard. With Intuto, top performers and those who are falling behind benefit from optional online resources. Staff who excel can challenge themselves and explore courses on their own. Staff who need extra support can work on specific problem areas and skill gaps. Intuto helps managers view and track staff progress. By viewing training data and reports you can better visualise and track team performance and identify top performers and those who need more help.

Cost and time savings

Face-to-face training is costly.  It takes time and money to prepare, deliver, print materials and, where necessary, travel. Moving training online doesn't necessarily eliminate face-to-face training, but with online training support you'll be able to focus more on practical mentoring and staff engagement instead of theory and compliance. With Intuto you'll be able to focus more time on the content than the delivery, improving the training experience. Intuto will also save you and your staff time spent chasing down information by making it available in a central online portal accessible on any device.

Build your culture and your brand

At Intuto we believe that building your internal culture is as important as developing your external brand. Use Intuto to communicate your business values with your team and get their feedback through online comments and collaboration. Knowledge is power and empowering. Keeping employees updated on your business rules and policies is critical to making sure that your business runs smoothly and helps your staff better serve your customers.

Consistent training

While you want all of your employees to receive the same training, it can be tough to achieve as training is highly dependent on the people who are involved. Even if there are clear manuals and checklists, training can often deviate from the plan and that's assuming no-one is sick on the day. With Intuto every employee will be able to access the same online training content: no more incomplete information or conflicting details. It also means that, when a policy is updated, it can easily be changed and shared within Intuto.

Training on demand

Onboarding new employees or updating procedures can happen at any time. Ideally, onboarding should happen as soon as an employee starts, but in reality, this is rarely the case. Sometimes employee training takes a backseat to other more pressing matters. Intuto eliminates this problem by providing employees with access to online training whenever is most convenient.

One size doesn't fit all

Intuto gives you the ability to create learning paths for staff adapted to their specific role or learning preferences.  Instead of using standard and generic training modules, you can customise the online training content based on your staff's skill set and role.  Not only will you be able to create individual training plans, but they can refer back to it whenever they need. Best of all, they can do this from their phone, tablet or desktop, whichever suits their situation.

Ksenia Morris from The Good Group

"Intuto allows me to provide training for staff on multiple sites and customize the content to ensure relevance to our company. I can follow up on users' progress from the office and contact them via Intuto to ensure completion."

Ksenia Morris
The Good Group

Why Choose Intuto?

Unlimited Users

Share your online training with as many staff, clients, contractors and patrons as you like.

Unlimited Courses

Create as many bite-sized training courses for induction, compliance and product knowledge as required.

Training Templates

Get going faster by starting with a pre-made Intuto template or access premium content from our partner network.

Checkpoint Quizzes

Quiz your users throughout the content to check understanding and ensure the learning is completed.

Premium Support

With Intuto's premium support, you are in safe hands should you need any help with your content.

Commenting & Collaboration

Online commenting makes your content more engaging and facilitates group discussion.

Tracking & Reports

Monitor staff engagement by capturing how much time staff have spent on your training.

Your Branding

Use your own branding to personalise the experience with your users.


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