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Intuto Release Notes

After an update to Intuto some parts of the system might not load or work due to data stored from a previous visit to the site.
Often this can be fixed by 
clearing the data cache in your browser.

Check the current status of Intuto.

Release Notes

4.17.0 CollectionReport Rebuild

13 May 2024

What's in this version

  • Feat: CollectionReport now implements Bulk Actions to allow management of users within the collection
  • Feat: CollectionReminderEmails has been rebuilt into the CollectionReport BulkActions menu
  • Feat: CollectionReport paged results now load on scroll with better implementation of SelectAll results
  • Feat: CollectionReport can now be Filtered by GroupMembership
  • Feat: Add new course publish warning when moving all enrolments to the new version
  • Bugfix: Course Editors unable to export reports
  • Bugfix: Fix Autofill on login screen in Safari
  • Bugfix: Enrolled status not showing correctly on BulkUploadResults for Campaign Enrolments
  • Bugfix: Disable new V2 Report Export buttons when there are no results to export
  • Maint: Improve PushNewEnrolment AuditLog summary

UI Components that have changed

  • CollectionReport
    • Checkboxes on rows
    • BulkActions & Export dropdowns
    • Reminder emails not in a popup
    • Rows no longer expand to show page data. User needs to click into the user report.
  • New publish warning on CourseSettings screen when moving all enrolments to new version


4.16 Organisation Field on Reports

15 April 2024

What's in this version

  • Feature: Content Page is live updates course status when the course expires / goes into expiry notice period
  • Feature: Add SelectAll option to Multi Course Comment Report
  • Feature: Organisation shows on Reports based on a CompanySetting
  • Bugfix: Exit Course Preview doesn't show up Course Completion warning
  • Bugfix: Unable to view reports on old versions of Safari
  • Bugfix: Cannot export Token Report
  • Bugfix: Error sending Course Expiry notification emails
  • Bugfix: Spacing of report filters on the Webhook Report
  • Bugfix: Using a Token as a SystemAdmin
  • Bugfix: Missing audit change summary on CollectionMembers
  • Bugfix: APIv2 showing groups on a collection after the group has been deleted
  • Bugfix: Cannot publish course due to data truncation
  • Maint: Rebuild of Course and Collection renewal background jobs for speed improvements
  • Maint: Identification and improvement of slow performing database queries
  • Maint: Removal of obsolete GetCourseMember code, updated to use specification pattern
  • Maint: Data cleanup of legacy enrolments with invalid expiry dates
  • Maint: Remove Archived status from CollectionEnrolments in preparation for ability to Archive Collection Members in the future
  • Maint: Rebuild of StatusUpdate system architecture in preparation for future improvements
  • Maint: Implement CancellationTokens on Reporting endpoints to exit processing early when request cancelled by user
  • Maint: Implement query tagging to track database query source within codebase
UI Components that have changed
  • Organisation column on Course / Collection and Campaign reports when CompanySetting enabled
  • SelectAll option in Course selector on the Multi Course Comment Report
  • Spacing around Webhook report filters has been fixed 

4.15 Comment Reports

26 March 2024

What’s in this version

  • Feature: New CommentReport visible to CourseEditors
  • Feature: New MultiSite CommentReport visible to admins of multiple sites
  • Feature: Extra validation of SCORM Package versions before upload (eg version, duplicate files)
  • Feature: Improved XLS export formatting. Now set cells with a datatype
  • Bugfix: CourseReport invalid filter dates being sent to API
  • Bugfix: CourseReport Reminders SendToAgentsAndParents showing when Campaigns are not enabled on a site
  • Bugfix: SCORM Attempt Report wont load in some instances
  • Bugfix: Exceptions being thrown when deleting sites
  • Bugfix: CourseMemberEvents being sent to the UI for all sites, not just the current site
  • Bugfix: Better hanlding of page unloads, and removing event subsciptions
  • Bugfix: ContentPage not loading on older safari versions
  • Maint: Improve intuto-check to use forms validation
UI Components that have changed
  • Logged in as a CourseEditor, you can now see the Reports tab in the header
  • CourseEditor and above has access to new comments report on the report selector page
  • New multi site comment report on the report selector page

4.14 Archive CourseMembers

11 March 2024

What's in this version

  • Feature: Site Admins can now archive CourseMembers in a course
  • Feature: CourseEditors can now view the CourseMember report
  • Feature: CourseEditors can now manage course enrolments (reset completion data and expire enrolments)
  • Feature: SiteAdmins and CourseEditors can now re-enrol course users from the CourseReport under BulkActions
  • Feature: Participants viewing a course will be notified that their enrolment has been renewed while they are viewing the course
  • Feature: Improved validation on the site register page
  • Feature: Simplified registration process for users registering into content 
  • Feature: Better cache management to avoid the need for users to hard-reload after a release
  • Feature: CourseViewer LHS nav hover status is now a branded them color, making it more visible when hovered
  • Feature: Increase bulkupload rows max rows
  • Feature: Block running multiple uploads at a time in a single site 
  • Bugfix: Fail BulkUpload’s when an issue occurs so they dont still show as processing
  • Bugfix: Fix registering with a token, and arriving at the content page before enrolments were issued
  • Bugfix: SCORM Courses showing blank page when making unsupported SCORM API requests to Intuto
  • Maint: Improved robots.txt for search tools
UI Components that have changed
  • Archive / Unarchive CourseMember tools on CourseReport and CompanyMemberReport (courses tab)
  • Screen removed from the register process (you need to register an account when email was not found)
  • Clickable completion links on the CourseReport for CourseEditors - previously couldnt view the CourseMemberReport

4.13 Improved Course Report

26 February 2024

What's in this version

  • Feat: CourseReport now implements Bulk Actions to allow management of users within a course
  • Feat: Course ReminderEmails has been rebuilt into the Bulk Actions menu
  • Feat: CourseReport paged results now load on scroll with better implementation of SelectAll results 
  • Feat: CourseReport can now be Filtered by Role, GroupMembership and CollectionMembership
  • Feat: Implement built-in form validation for Angular2 pages
  • Bugfix: Automatic submission of InProgress AssessmentAttempts when leaving the page without submission
  • Bugfix: Token DateFilters missing validation eg EndDate before the StartDate filter
  • A range of minor bug fixes and improvements

4.12 Report Date Filters out of Range

12 February 2024

What's in this version

  • Feat: Set SansSerif font as default for all new sites
  • Feat: Content Page live updates for CampaignMembers (new and updated statuses)
  • Bugfix: Stop errors when typing dates into report date filters. Only valid dates passed to backend
  • Bugfix: Check course TimeBlock access is current before issuing Collection Completion
  • Bugfix: Course reminder emails link directly to course, and not to content page
  • Bugfix: Update ServiceBus Events on existing Topics
  • Bugfix: Fix CompanyMember Campaign Export filtered by user
  • Maint: Improved AuditLogging around certificates

4.11 Webhook Mappings

24 January 2024

What's in this version

  • Feature: An Admin can now limit Webhooks to only run for specific Courses, Collections and Campaigns 
  • Bugfix: Small number of Users not enrolled into Collection after completing a Campaign 
  • Bugfix: If already logged into a site, the login page is skipped rather than being asked to login again
  • Bugfix: Small number of users on the CourseReport for SCORM courses showing users as Registered when they are in fact InProgress
  • Bugfix: LoadOnScroll feature improved to not be so jittery, and only load a single page at a time 
  • Bugfix: Admins self enrolling into a SCORM course from the ContentPage. The course item in the page is updated with new enrolment
  • Bugfix: Fix capitilisation in default Course, Collection, Campaign and Group names
  • Bugfix: HCapture fallback CDN implemented for Chinese users when main CDN is blocked
  • Bugfix: Fix Delete Draft Collections
  • Bugfix: Fix error when accepting CompanyInvitation
  • Bugfix: Fix error tracking resource interactions when viewing a course
  • Bugfix: Fix data corruption when SystemAdministrator self enrols into a course
  • Maint: Remove OldSharePage & Feature to show it
  • Maint: Remove final uses of iCheck checkbox for IntutoCheck
  • Maint: Improve logging on failed login attempts for easier identification of users 
  • Maint: Improve private API security by further limiting access
  • Maint: Improve the testability of registering a new site
  • Maint: Improve local logging on developer machines

4.10 Course Link Resource

29 November 2023

What's in this version

  • Feat: A CourseEditor can add a LinkResource to a Course
  • Feat: A LinkResource can be a URL, or a link to another page in the Course
  • Feat: Added click tracking to Resources (Link, Document and Audio) for a future report
  • Feat: Live updates to Course & Collection statuses on the Content Page
  • Feat: Ability to BulkUpload Users without setting a local password (SSO only accounts)
  • Feat: Ability to create a User without setting a local password (SSO only account)
  • Feat: Logos in the email template now link to the customer site, and not intuto.com
  • Bugfix: Duplicate SCORM file uploader blocking course publish
  • Bugfix: Replacing an ImageResource in the CourseEditor reorders the Resource to the bottom of the page
  • Bugfix: Fix CollectionMembers getting stuck in Failed status after passing a failed Course
  • Bugfix: Large Company logo in emails for certain aspect ratios
  • Bugfix: Add existing User to Company SendEmail checkbox is being ignored and always sending an email 
  • Bugfix: Email preview text in gmail is prefaced with the word “Logo”
  • Bugfix: ChangeCertificateName functionality is broken
  • Bugfix: View Course button doesn’t work for SCORM courses on iPhone / Safari
  • Bugfix: When making a CompanyMember active, their enrolments should be updated the latest version of a Course / Collection 
  • Maint: Completed migration of enums to enumeration classes
  • Maint: Fix Company Subscription relationship
  • Maint: Removed GoRoster integration
  • Maint: Removed Chargify integration

4.9 CampaignMember Statuses & Reminder Emails

8 November 2023

What's in this version

  • Feat: Rebuild of ReminderEmails system
  • Feat: Rebuild of EditableEmailTemplates UI
  • Feat: Send ReminderEmails to Agents and Parents
  • Feat: Send ReminderEmails on CampaignReport
  • Feat: Customisable Course Welcome email template
  • Feat: Rebuild of CampaignMember statuses for faster reporting and history tracking
  • Feat: Added Status filter to CampaignReport
  • Feat: Ability to set site Font
  • Feat: New MultiCollection Report
  • Feat: New SCORM Course DetailedExport Report
  • Feat: Added State to AddressFields and removed minimum address requirements
  • Feat: New Default Certificate BannerImage
  • Feat: User specified number of questions generated in QuizGenerator
  • Feat: BulkUpload Results page links to CompanyMemberReport
  • Feat: CompanyMemberReport profile section now shows groups in expanded mode
  • Feat: Live CourseMember Status updates on the ContentPage
  • Feat: Add link to Group name on CompanySettings to view users in the Group
  • Bugfix: Update all Report Export buttons to not calculate URL on every page paint 
  • Bugfix: Ability to remove column Logo images from a certificate 
  • Bugfix: Fix missing CollectionGroups on APIv2 GetCollection endpoint
  • Bugfix: Fix MediaVault Security on API site
  • Maint: Removed old Share Page
  • Maint: No longer publishing courses to disk
  • Maint: Remove Course Template Management endpoints from APIv1
  • Maint: Rebuild Collections to OptionalIncludes pattern
  • Maint: Read CourseInfo in player from injected object and not CourseNodeCache
  • Maint: Rebuild IncludeExpressions to remove requirement for dependency injection
  • Maint: Finished removing Delete Services / Repos
  • Maint: Further migration of enums to enumeration classes

4.8 Stock Image Importer

27 September 2023

What's in this version

  • Feature: Search royalty free stock images within site
  • Feature; Crop images that are uploaded into the Course Editor
  • Feature: Admin HealthCheck Report
  • Feature: Site-Offline XHR requests redirect page to app_offline page
  • Feature: New email template display company logo better
  • Feature: Ask ChatGpt to respond with NZ/AUS spelling
  • Feature: Added the ability to verify an expired or archived Certificate 
  • Bugfix: Fix Dates in local timezone on Token Manager
  • Bugfix: Fix Duplicate Tokens showing when toggling ‘Show Expired’
  • Bugfix: Missing edit-link popover in Course Editor
  • Bugfix: Error setting Company Type
  • Bugfix: No content when accepting a Group Token until you refresh the page
  • Bugfix: Next Course in Collection not available (after completing a SCORM Course) until after you refresh the page
  • Bugfix: Error editing a Course that has been moved from a site with a Membes integration enabled
  • Bugfix: Added missing TokenConsumed Webhook documentation
  • Bugfix: AssessmentAttempt Limit not being taken into account resulting in too many attempts
  • Maint: Further refactoring of Delete Services/Repos
  • Maint: Further migration of enums to enumeration classes

4.7 Organisation Field

7 September 2023

What's in this version


  • Feature: Added new Organisation Field to CompanyMember profiles

    • Create / Edit CompanyMember, BulkUpload and API V1/V2 endpoints

    • Edit own setting on MyProfile page - based on Company Setting

    • Require on Site Register - based on Company Setting

  • Feature: New TokenConsumed Webhook

  • Feature: Added SCORM Vendor function to auto complete all incomplete SCOs

  • Feature: An Admin can now report on users who have consumed SingleToken Tokens

  • Bugfix: Reminder Emails popup not showing Pagination tools

  • Bugfix: TokenManager ReturnUrls not caching the search string

  • Bugfix: Error when trying to remove CourseMembers from SCORM course

  • Bugfix: Fix search error when exporting ExpiringEnrolmentsReport. Add email and companyMember fields to export

4.6 AI Quiz Generator

23 August 2023

What's in this version

  • Feature: Generate a Quiz from your course content when the Content Generator feature is enabled

  • Feature: Create / Edit Group has been rebuilt with the ability to add shareable links (Tokens)

  • Feature: Create, Update and Delete Groups via APIv2

  • Feature: An admin can upload proof of CPD when creating Manual CPD records

  • Feature: Expire all members option has been added to the Collection Editor

  • Bugfix: Preload error modal to avoid page crashing on recursive errors when site not available

  • Bugfix: Canceling the creation of a Group, Collection or Campaign now deletes the draft

  • Bugfix: Error messages when trying to delete a user from a site

  • Maint: Removed dependency on old legacy library for pretty checkboxes and radio buttons

4.5 Content Generator

22 June 2023

What's in this version

  • Feature: Users can now generate course content based on a topic via the ContentGenerator Feature
  • Bugfix: Reordering items between pages in the CourseEditor
  • Bugfix: Blank page after Campaign completed
  • Bugfix: Add ability to handle ClassMarker Webhooks with missing cm_user_id
  • Bugfix: Add back legacy /accesscode/confirmenrolment redirect
  • Bugfix: Fix errors on Scorm Course Attempt duplicates
  • Bugfix: Buttons layouts and modal layouts

4.4 Manage Webhooks ApiV2

15 June 2023


What's in this version

  • Create, List and Delete Webhooks via APIv2
  • A single WebhookSigningKey per Intuto site
  • One Webhook per event subscription rather than multiple
  • Standardize Intuto to a single version of Bootstrap
  • Add GroupName length limit
  • Make CreateGroup default color the button color

  • CampaignAttempts set to Failed when they timeout

  • Quizfeedback not stored in database if same as default
  • Added endpoint to APIv2 AuditLogs 
  • Bugfix: Viewing a public Course in the new CoursePlayer
  • Bugfix: Error when adding a CollectionMember who already has a CourseMember for a collection course
  • Bugfix: Unable to scroll NextCollection list in CollectionEditor

4.3 Create Course UI / New Course Viewer

May 24

We have updated the format when a new course is created to help get started faster.

What’s in this version

  • UI: CourseEditor now has a collapsible side menu and improved first time experience
  • UI: CourseEditor AddPage and AddResource tools now stay open when a Page is focused in the editor rather than auto closing
  • UI: Add a rich-text resource automatically when a new page is created
  • UI: Removed all uses of orange checkboxes and replaced with white for better branding
  • UI: Better support for keyboard focus and tab-able buttons and inputs systemwide 
  • UI: New logo design on SelectCompany page to add support for white/transparent logos
  • UI: Updated the default Quiz Feedback
  • Feature: New CoursePlayer plays course directly from the database, with file caching between courses to speed up slow connections
  • Feature: CoursePreview has been rebuilt to use the new CoursePlayer to also take advantage of file caching
  • Feature: Site Admins and Editors can select other Admins and Editors in the UserManager to enrol into content via BulkActions
  • Feature: Site Admins can now edit an Editors profile and reset their password
  • Feature: UserManager shows who is an Admin or Editor of another site, to explain why they cannot be edited
  • Feature: CampaignCourseEnrolment email is now optional via a Campaign setting
  • Feature: Rebuild all background event code
  • Bug: Fix error when reordering course pages that have comments on them
  • Bug: Unable to publish a Collection that has SendCompletionEmails enabled
  • Bug: StudentId and LanguageCode missing after using an AgentInvitation fixed
  • Bug: Added support for & in a user's name
  • Bug: Cant access RootSystem fixed
  • Bug: Cannot upload ZIP files in CourseEditor fixed
  • Bug: CPD Visible in CourseEditor when the feature was not enabled
  • Bug: 500 Error when trying to create or list CollectionMembers via APIv2
  • Bug: 500 Error on course completion when trying to write a Legacy Membes CPD Completion with a NULL Membes ActivityId

4.2 CPD Points

May 4, 2023

The new CPD feature allows you to track and report on continuing professional development (CPD).

What’s in this version

  • CPD Points Feature. Can be issued by Course, Collection or Manually input

  • New Create button on Content Page

  • Lighter icons and buttons across the site 

  • New Icons on CreateContent popup, and Reports grid

  • User Manager Bulk Actions doesn't have separate add/remove buttons for Groups

  • Fixed bug creating CollectionMembers through APIv2

  • Fixed DeleteCourseMember / DeleteCourse

  • Accessibility updates to site (Content Page and Course Viewer)

  • Slight design update - lighter icons and lighter text in buttons

  • Request Performance tracking

  • CollectionEnrolmentOptions is now an expand option and not sent in CampaignWebhook

Learn more about the CPD feature.


4.1 Captcha & Bug Fixes

April 6, 2023
Adding back in a Captcha that works in China.
What's in this version
  • Implement Captcha that works in China

  • Fix Embed video height setting to remove whitespace on mobile screens

  • Fix Inactive users could login in some instances, but site would not work. Login has been blocked

  • Fix Certificate object missing on CollectionStatusChangedWebhookEvent

  • Fix error message when trying to delete some users

  • Fix ClassMarker attempts not showing in report export

4.0 Dotnet Core Web

February 5, 2023

Major backend architectural upgrade for the Intuto system. 

What's in this version

  • Provention: Tokens no longer contain periods (eg .) to remove issues with copying URLs

  • Canada: Removal of word ‘Test’ from campaign start pages

  • Canada: Can Edit expired Tokens

  • Canada: Order CollectionRemider popup user list

  • Feature: Store Webhook signature for comparison in UI

  • Bugfix: Unpublished Collection doesn't show tokens in editor after refresh

  • Bugfix: Webhook response body not saved when status is 200 OK

  • Bugfix: Fix popups closing on Tokens pages when clicking background (eg create / edit)

  • Bugfix: Fix link to certificates page when completing a course ‘Show Certificates’

  • Bugfix: Issues around comments permission to edit / delete when sent through websocket

  • Bugfix: Site Editor can no longer edit roles on Site Permissions page (eg cannot create other Editors / Admins)

3.9 Tokens in CollectionEditor

November 24, 2022

Some tidying up of tokens.  Learn more about tokens inside Intuto.

What's in this version

  • Admins can now create a simple token from within the collection editor

  • Our existing HubSpot integration based on a API key has been migrated to a private-app integration since the use of a API key is being retired in Feb 2023

  • “Undo Changes” now checks if the course has been published at least once to prevent the data from becoming corrupt

  • Allow HTML content in the description field of the SCORM report

  • “Send Test Email” now only sends the current email you’re looking at instead of all the emails in the same template category

  • Authentication mechanism has been updated to ensure the current user’s identity object that’s used to keep track of the user and its role while they are using the site is refreshed and updated if a role changes

  • “Unlock Course” has been added to the context menu (dropdown) of the courses on the content page

  • Alignment of the context menu of the collections on the content page has been fixed

  • Allow hyphens in the sub-domain name when signing up a new site

  • API Documentation site is now Intuto branded again after the upgrade

  • Collection Enrolment expiry dates are now relative to the last course that was completed in the collection. Rather than the current date when it is calculated. This should resolve issues with mismatching course completion and collection completion (certificate) dates.

  • Membes_Course is now an expand option on the Course API endpoint so Membes can access the course settings through their API

  • Added Membes UseLegacyWebhook setting to disable the custom webhook feature for when a Membes site is updated to use APIv2 and Webhooks

  • Updated Membes settings page, error handling and API key validation

  • Escape characters in FirstName and LastName to stop Intuto from not running when “ appears in name

  • Tokens no longer show in the TokenManager, and are not consumable when the collection they are associated with has not been published yet

Access Tokens

In-built Course Authoring / Editing

As well as offering a range of pre-built course templates and a content production team, Intuto also has an intuitive, easy-to-use course editor that makes creating new courses a breeze. If you can use Microsoft Word you can use Intuto.

  • Create a new course from your exisiting training content. Use Word docs, PDFs, PowerPoints, images, videos or audio.

  • Customise a template course from the Intuto library or add interactivity to your own courses by embedding interactive exercise components.

  • Import ready made courses from 3rd party content providers and authors. Intuto is SCORM compliant opening up a world of content.

  • Add one or more quizzes to your courses to test learner knowledge and retention.  Quizzes can also be used as a acknowledgement to record learner acceptance, like a digital signature.  

  • Enable Comments in course settings to engage learners in discussions and make your training more social. 

  • Add drag and drop exercises, image hotspot, and gap-fill exercises by embedding interactions from 3rd party software like H5P, WuFoo Forms, Survey Monkey, Classmarker or any iFrame-enabled widget.



May the SCORM be with you_1

SCORM Support

SCORM is a standard format to allow courses to be moved between online learning management systems. 

Your organisation may have existing courses in the SCORM format or may want to build SCORM courses in external authoring tools such as Articulate.

Intuto supports the uploading of existing SCORM courses, including reporting down to the page level.

Find out more about how SCORM works inside Intuto and Intuto's history with SCORM below.


Group 876@2x

User Management

Intuto has a number of tools to help manage users.

You can share your content via:

  • Self-registration links
  • Public courses
  • Bulk upload
  • Collections of courses
  • Certificates
  • Group management

Intuto delivers tens of thousands of courses each month, so no matter your desired process we can help you achieve your goals.

Review our documentation on sharing courses.









Course Management & Certification

Course Management & Pathways

Courses can be grouped into collections of courses.  Collections allow you to set up a forced order that the courses need to be completed in, as well as options to automatically enrol into the next collections of courses on completion.  You can also set up collection 'tokens' to track / limit how many courses have been used by an organisation - perfect if you are selling your courses.

Find out more about how collections and tokens work.


Intuto has a powerful certificate engine allowing you to customise and send completion certificates.  

Certificates are emailed to the learner and can be set up to notify administrators when sent. If you wish you can set an expiry date for the certificate, ensuring that certification or compliance is always up to date. 

Learn more from our support documentation on certificates



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Benefits At A Glance

No credit card required. Cancel anytime.Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it.

Improve staff retention

Attracting and retaining good staff is hard. Every business benefits from a broadly embedded training culture.

Improve staff retention

Attracting and retaining good staff is hard. Every business benefits from a broadly embedded training culture.

Improve staff retention

Attracting and retaining good staff is hard. Every business benefits from a broadly embedded training culture.

Improve staff retention

Attracting and retaining good staff is hard. Every business benefits from a broadly embedded training culture.

Improve staff retention

Attracting and retaining good staff is hard. Every business benefits from a broadly embedded training culture.

Improve staff retention

Attracting and retaining good staff is hard. Every business benefits from a broadly embedded training culture.

Shape logo place

Key Points Of Intuto

A complete solution for organisations to create, manage and track e-learning backed by industry leading customer support.

Flexible Plans

Don't pay per user. Flexible plans so you can share your online training with as many staff, clients and members as you like.

Flexible Plans

Don't pay per user. Flexible plans so you can share your online training with as many staff, clients and members as you like.

Flexible Plans

Don't pay per user. Flexible plans so you can share your online training with as many staff, clients and members as you like.

Flexible Plans

Don't pay per user. Flexible plans so you can share your online training with as many staff, clients and members as you like.

Flexible Plans

Don't pay per user. Flexible plans so you can share your online training with as many staff, clients and members as you like.

Flexible Plans

Don't pay per user. Flexible plans so you can share your online training with as many staff, clients and members as you like.

Flexible Plans

Don't pay per user. Flexible plans so you can share your online training with as many staff, clients and members as you like.

Flexible Plans

Don't pay per user. Flexible plans so you can share your online training with as many staff, clients and members as you like.

Flexible Plans

Don't pay per user. Flexible plans so you can share your online training with as many staff, clients and members as you like.


Recent Awards

Intuto is an award winning online training platform as voted on by our customers.

Recent awards
Recent awards
Recent awards


Innovative companies across 13 countries trust Intuto with their training. Here's what they're saying about us.

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We tested a total of five platforms last summer, and Intuto stood out as the best for value, ease of use and customer service. We have been extremely satisfied with Intuto and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to put training online.

Safe+Sound Somerset

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Intuto has allowed us to record multiple trainings and make them available to ALL members rather than just metropolitan members.

The Australian Hypnotherapists Association

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Easy access for learners. Easy to load content if you're a writer. Fantastic support from the company. Affordable. Simple processes.

Whānau Āwhina Plunket

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Learners rated the 'Facility Design and Biorisk Management' course produced by Intuto 4.8/5 for ease of use and 4.7/5 for usefulness.

Association of Biosafety for Australia & New Zealand

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Learners rated the 'Construction Safety for Volunteers' course produced by Intuto  4/5 for ease of use and 5/5 for usefulness.

Habitat for Humanity Australia

backquote image
Thank you to you and your team for converting this module.  I am so pleased with how it looks.  All the activities are great and the graphic with the moving part turned out so well.

College of Emergency Nursing Australia

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