If you have your materials ready to put online but don't have the resources available to get it done in a timely manner, let Intuto do it for you.

Learning development and Content Loading Service

1. Sign up for Service Plus
Intuto's Service Plus plan includes having our professional loading team review and loading a sample of one of your courses for free. This is an easy way to try out this service.
2. Understand the Audience
Understanding the audience is crucial in online learning design. Learning goals, learner availability, tech ability, language skills and education levels will greatly effect how content is presented.
3. Review the Source Content
Intuto's L&D team will identify how the source content you provide can be transferred into online learning modules (courses).
4. Sample Course
With the Service Plus plan, Intuto will produce a sample course based on the source content and the audience.
5. Feedback
Any feedback will be taken into account before a plan is made.
6. Plan & Quote
The team will discuss a plan for the work looking at priorities, timelines and your feedback. Where applicable, a quote will be presented for approval. See below for an indication on cost.
7. Approval
Once approval of the quote has been received we will start work as per the agreed plan.
8. Production
Each course created will include about 3-5 interactions that will add effectiveness to the materials to help achieve the learning goals. You will be given an opportunity to give feedback at each step.

How Much Will It Cost?

Getting our team to convert your training will cost a lot less than you think. Based on our content philosophy we recommend that courses are less than 30 minutes in length.  On average it takes our team around five hours to create 20 minutes of learning time.  This would include 10-15 pages, up to 8 interactive exercises and include one quiz.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your unique situation and we can help you come up with a plan that matches your time and budget goals.

A Team You Can Trust

We know that anybody who signs up for Intuto is passionate about creating quality, engaging online courses.  

Intuto has been building interactive, online content for over 20 years for companies such as Cambridge University, BidFood, Snell, Burger Wisconsin, The Food & Grocery Council, Hospitality NZ and many many more.  

Choosing Intuto means you don’t just get a great learning platform, but expert advice and assistance in getting the most out of your content.  You and your content are in safe hands with Intuto.

Our Content Philosophy

Based on our years of experience in online learning, we have found that

  • Short, bite size pieces of content produce a higher engagement rate (which is why we don’t charge per course)
  • Engagement is much higher if the course is < 30mins
  • Fit for purpose learning is essential (ensuring that the approach matches both the learner and the content)
  • Rewards for learners as often as possible helps keep them motivated.


Q. Can online training replace face to face?

As a rule we normally suggest that online training is great at providing the theory or background information (e.g. company background, induction basics, H&S compliance).  

However for complex tasks or more in depth training it may still be useful to have hands on training as well (blended model). 

Q. How can you afford to provide this service?

We know that if we spend time up front helping you get quality content online, we'll be adding real value to your organisation.  We're in this for the long game and are excited about strong longterm partnerships.

Q. Do you support SCORM?

Yes we do.  Find out more.

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We'd love to have a chat and see how we can add value to your organisation.