List of Intuto’s Sub-processors (GDPR)

To support delivery of our Services, Intuto Limited (“Intuto”) may engage and use data processors (“Subprocessors”) with access to certain personal information. This page provides important information about the identity, location and role of each Subprocessor we use.

Terms used on this page, but not explicitly defined, have the meaning outlined in our Terms of Service or the Data Processing Agreement established with you, the customer. If you are a Intuto customer and wish to opt-in and sign our additional Data Processing Agreement (DPA), please contact us at

The information shared here is for educational purposes to demonstrate how Intuto engages with third-party systems, specifically which providers we use as part of delivering the Intuto service to you. It should not be interpreted as offering any additional rights or binding agreements.

What is a Subprocessor?

A subprocessor is an external service or provider that is enlisted by Intuto to deliver our service to you. As part of that service delivery, we may be required to share personal information we have collected about you with these providers.

How do we protect your information?

We take the privacy and security of your personal data very seriously and have strict processes in place to ensure this information is shared securely and only when necessary.

Personal information: We employ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology on the collection, storage and processing of all data. All accounts are accessed via secure login with one-way hashing of all passwords. We do not access or share any data unless required to by law or with your permission to help resolve system problems.

Payments: All supplied sensitive/credit information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into our Payment gateway providers database only to be accessible by those authorised with special access rights to such systems, and are required to keep the information confidential. We do not store this information ourselves, instead keeping this with our payment providers who have the highest level of PCI compliance (Find out more about our provider’s compliance).

Intuto also requires that any third-party services or subprocessors, that we use as part of delivering this service to you, meet the requirements and obligations under GDPR, as well as those requirements of the local authority (NZ).

We have established Data Processing Agreements (DPA’s) with all of our providers, to ensure your personal information is collected, stored and processed in a legal/lawful manner.

Third parties (Subprocessors)

We’ve broken the list of processors into relevant sections, to give you greater understanding over how these services have access to your information.

Infrastructure Subprocessors – Service Data Storage

Intuto uses the following organisations to store/host/collect Personal Information, or provide other infrastructure that helps with delivery of the Intuto Service. These are secure environments that are controlled by the Intuto team and are protected by Data Processing Agreements:

Entity Name Purpose Entity Country
AppServ Limited Cloud Service Provider New Zealand
Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Azure) Cloud Service Provider United States
Google Inc. Cloud Service Provider United States

Service Specific Subprocessors

Intuto works with other third-parties to provide specific functions or features within the Intuto Service. These providers will have access to relevant personal information (both in an identifiable and anonymous manner) in order to provide their relevant functions. The use of information is limited to the specific purposes we’ve detailed below:

Entity Name Purpose Entity Country
Twilio, Inc. Cloud-based SMS Notification Services United States
Nexmo, Inc. Cloud-based SMS Notification Services United Kingdom
Mandril, Inc Cloud-based Email Notification Services United States
Mailchimp, Inc Cloud-based Email Notification Services United States
HelpScout, Inc Cloud-based Customer Support Services United States
ActiveCampaign, Inc Cloud-based Customer Support Services United States
Chargify, LLC Cloud-based Billing Services Various
HotJar Cloud-based Web Monitoring Services United States
DPS Cloud-based Billing Services New Zealand

Add on integrations

The following subprocessors are third-parties that we offer optional integrations with. Relevant customer data and personal information will be shared with these services as part of delivering the wider Intuto Service. These third-parties are engaged directly by you, the account holder, you can enable or disable these features in your account at any time.

Entity Name Purpose Entity Country
Engage Limited Cloud-based Health and Safety Services New Zealand
GoRoster Limited Cloud-based Rostering Services New Zealand
PayPal, Inc; PayPal (Europe) Ltd Cloud-based Payment Services United States, United Kingdom

Content Delivery Channels

Intuto also uses certain providers to assist and support operations under the Intuto Services (as described in the Data Processing Agreement).These providers do not have direct access to data that you have shared with us, but we may collect personal information you have shared with us via these services, as part of delivering the wider Intuto Service.

For example: If you contact us for support via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, we will pass on your contact details and questions to other services that we use to provide support (see Service Specific Subprocessors above.

Entity Name Purpose Entity Country(ies)
HubSpot Cloud-based CMS Services United States
Facebook Cloud-based Social Network United States (Virginia and California)
Instagram Cloud-based Social Network United States (Virginia and California)
Twitter Cloud-based Social Network United States
LinkedIn Cloud-based Social Network United States

Changes and updates

As our business grows and evolves, the third-parties and subprocessors that we engage with may also change over time. We will provide the account owner with notice of any changes by posting any changes here. Please check back here to stay in the loop.