150 words max!

Posted by Madelize Bekker on Sep 26, 2014 2:09:46 PM

Hi there!

My name is Madelize and my background is in the areas of learning & development and education & training. I am passionate about e-learning and very excited about the new product soon to be launched by the intuto crowd, which is why you’ll see me blogging here.

I'm not a seasoned blogger – perhaps because I don't believe in blogging for the sake of blogging. So, I’ve set myself a challenge – 150 words max. What I can’t say in 150 words, I probably don’t need to say and you probably don’t have time, or the attention span (http://www.statisticbrain.com/attention-span-statistics/), to read.

I will provide what I consider useful and/or interesting links to existing content (my cop-out for using more than 150 words) including infographics (http://tinyurl.com/mwnge3s).

I’m looking forward to engage in meaningful conversation about e-learning in general as well as the intuto product in particular here.

… until next time.

Topics: Learning Design, Updates