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Madelize Bekker

Sep 29, 2014

What is your 10%

I recently attended a webinar where Dr Carmen Simon (www.reximedia.com) discussed how you could 'apply brain science’ to control the 10% of what audiences remember of presentations (they will forget 90% of what you present).

From a learning design point of view, are you clear about the key messages you want your participants to remember?

  1. Is the information presented in a memorable way?
    Dr Simon provided the example of breaking a pattern the audience learned to expect.
  1. Is there enough context to ensure memory traces?
    Less is not always more.
  1. Did you use repetition in a purposeful manner – not just for the sake of it?

Finally, are you and your audience clear about what they should or could DO with the information provided?

Challenge: Based on the questions above, interview some of your participants to find out whether you know your 10%.


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