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Madelize Bekker

Oct 6, 2014

Video rocks!

In a recent eLearning Guild research paper, ‘Informal Learning Takes Off’, 53.9% of respondents indicated ‘video’ as the top 'informal learning activity with L&D intervention'.

I guess it's because people love “short chunks of information that can be easily absorbed, be more memorable than a text and emphasize on all the key points.

Paul Clothier, ‘The next big thing in mobile’ , confirms this: “Do you know which search engine is the second most popular today? No, it’s not Bing or Yahoo... it’s YouTube. Why? Because people like to get their information in short video format.” I encourage you to read the full article!

We don’t necessarily need full courses when it comes to sharing and transferring knowledge and skills - a short video may work perfectly!

If you feel you need to know more, head to KZO Innovation’s video archive and bootcamp and have fun!.

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