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Adrian Sallis

Nov 11, 2015

Come Jam with us!

Intuto has had a major facelift making it faster and simpler than ever to create and share your online training.

To help introduce people to building online training, we're going to be running regular Intuto Jam sessions. These 2-hour workshops introduce Intuto and demonstrate how easy it is to create and share online knowledge and training. Best of all the presentation component of the workshop is only 30 minutes and this is followed by 90 minutes of hands-on practice with support from our instructional and technical team.

So, if you're curious to find out how you can create online training for staff or customers, or you want to start capturing your company knowledge, then come join us! Event details and registration

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Improving Digital Literacy in the New Zealand FMCG Sector

New training features and updates to old favourites

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