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Hannah Warren

Feb 14, 2017

The first step in moving your training online

If you’ve been managing all your training offline up until this point, moving everything online might seem like a mammoth task. But don’t stress – the biggest barrier to moving online is just getting started. As they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single click. Or something like that...

Luckily, Intuto makes the whole process easier
for businesses of any size, any industry and any budget.

For smaller compliance training projects like induction, you don’t need to create storyboards or extensive plans. Just get started with Intuto’s simple course editor and build it as you go. For larger projects, we offer templates to make the moving online process easier.

But if it’s still just too much we’ll even build your training projects for you. How easy is that? You provide your offline training materials and we'll create an engaging online module or set of courses for you. Essentially, Intuto will make moving your training online as simple as possible, you just need to decide on a few key elements for your program.

  • What are your training objectives?
    For each unit, you need to know exactly what skills and knowledge you want your learners to walk away with. Would you like to create a staff induction or health and safety course? Do they need to be able to use a forklift? Should they know how to deal with an irate customer? Do you need them to understand food safety requirements? Knowing the necessary outcome gives you a clear idea of what you need to include in your training, and what is superfluous. Moving your training online might even be a good opportunity to reevaluate your goals and objectives.
  • What media do you want to include?

    In your offline training you most likely used a combination of copy, images, video, discussion and testing, and you can retain all those elements when you’re moving your training online. the Intuto platform is capable of hosting long form copy, images or diagrams and even video. Intuto also offers a comment function which works as a forum, so learner to learner and learner to teacher discussion can be a feature of your training. You provide the content and Intuto can do the rest.
  • How will you assess your online learners?

    You’ll still need to be able to check that your learners are finishing your online training course with a sound understanding of the content. While some organisations may prefer an on-the-job evaluation once the learner has completed the training, others prefer to run a test at the end of each module or course, to be sure information is being absorbed. Your Intuto modules can even include a test or Checkpoint at the end of each unit, so you can be sure the quality of learning is maintained when moving your training online. You can track your the progress of your team members through your courses and see how well they do in the Checkpoints.

Whatever your training needs are, we will help you create an effective and relevant online training resource for your business.

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