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Hannah Warren

May 29, 2017

Inexperienced employees? We say yes


It may seem counterintuitive, but hiring inexperienced employees and training them on the job can be good for your company.

The simple reason is that, initially at least, you will pay less to hire someone who still needs training than to hire an experienced worker. Obviously we aren't advocating for employing inappropriate staff. But offering people with less experience an opportunity will reduce the cost of the hire.

"Employers can take on trained people but should think about how much more they’re paying for that extra experience", says Dean Minchington, CEO of Service IQ.

We firmly believe in the benefits of starting training before the first day. However, training inexperienced employees on the job also benefits them, as they will learn and upskill as they earn.

That, in turn, benefits you again, as, by offering training, you are more likely to retain engaged and motivated staff, and this will continuously grow your business. Seems like a win, win, right?

Intuto is here to help with this process

Intuto’s online training programs means you can confidently hire inexperienced employees knowing you can thoroughly and efficiently train them while they work.

Intuto’s online training courses can be done by staff in their down time ­– evenings, weekends, lunch break ­– but also in their own time, meaning the training fits in around their schedule. This flexible training is very appealing to workers, while checkpoints and tests keep them on track.

It also means the training fits in around your business needs, and you can have multiple staff members training at once without cutting into business time. At the same time, staff members can have face-to-face time whenever they need – if they have questions, are stuck on a concept, or even need something demonstrated.

And with Intuto’s online training programs, you aren’t paying more for additional staff members to train. So you can train your newcomers and simultaneously upskill existing staff members at no extra cost.

If you think it sounds like a good idea, meet with our friendly team to find out more!

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