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Hannah Warren

May 3, 2017

Online training trial with Intuto - get started for free today!

One of the best things about online training with Intuto is that, before you commit to anything, we offer you a risk-free trial period. We want you to be as confident as we are that we are the best way to manage whatever online courses you need.

And unlike many other online training programs, we don’t offer the most basic package for our trial. We want to show you how good our courses are, so we offer an online training trial of our PLUS Plan.

The Plus plan includes around 15 courses, an unlimited number of users, course templates, commenting and collaboration features, learner tracking and reports, your own branding, checkpoint quizzes and 500MB of storage space. After your online training trial has ended, all those features still cost only $75USD per month.

When you sign up for a trial account with Intuto you automatically get 7 days of access to our fantastic PLUS Plan.

But simply by publishing your first course you can extend your trial by two days. Try using one of our course templates and we’ll give you another two days. Then, when you share your course, you unlock three more days of free online training.

That’s up to 14 days of online training absolutely free! Whether you’re planning an event, inducting workersmonetising your knowledge or running a health and safety course, we’re confident you’ll find Intuto works for you.

Why not get in touch with us today?

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