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Hannah Warren

Feb 21, 2017

Four reasons to move your merchandiser training online

No doubt quality merchandiser performance is a key focus of your company. If you haven’t already, 2017 is the year to give it a boost by moving your merchandiser training online. Intuto’s online platform makes it easier than ever to convert your merchandiser training programme. Here are the four key reasons to move your merchandiser training online and start improving performance right away.

  1. Moving your merchandiser training online allows for anytime, any platform access.
    This is especially important for companies with a national presence, where the merchandising manager might otherwise have to spend a lot of time travelling to provide training. Additionally, in an industry in which many roles have irregular hours and locations, it’s vital to make access to training as easy as possible. Intuto’s tablet, smartphone, laptop and desktop friendly online training platform mean that merchandisers can begin or continue their training wherever and whenever is convenient for them.
  2. Getting your food and grocery training online will also encourage engagement.
    Training should never be a one-way street. Providing staff with a comment function in their online training will increase knowledge and improve understanding by allowing staff members to discuss learning points. Especially for large, geographically dispersed merchandising teams, it is vital that staff have a central discussion forum. Some workers may already be sharing certain aspects of work and training, but this is rarely shared with all staff members and is not normally moderated for quality.
  3. Standardise your training across your organisation
    Another benefit of doing merchandiser training online, rather than spreading it across different locations and different trainers, is that it makes the process standard, so all staff receive the same message. With Intuto, all staff members have access to the same training program, are subject to the same testing and are privy to the same Q&As. This allows you to create a consistent foundation across the board and improve merchandiser performance overall.
  4. Blended Learning
    Of course, online merchandiser training will never entirely eliminate the need for face-to-face time. Instead, online training enhances in-person training by ensuring the bases are covered before staff meet the merchandising manager. This means that whole training sessions can be devoted to answering specific questions or concerns – a much better use of everyone’s time.

What more do you need? Contact us to start moving your merchandiser training online with Intuto today.

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