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Hannah Warren

Sep 28, 2017

Tracking employee training with ease


We already know that onboarding training and maintenance training for staff are essential. But there is a key element of workplace training which is often ignored: tracking employee training.

Tracking employee training is important for several reasons:

It helps you to know that your staff up to date with advances in industry, technology and legislation

When you assume you make an ass out of u and ur company. You should never assume that your staff is on top of any developments within the industry. Instead, you need to track their training and development. Keeping abreast of technology improvements and advancements keeps your staff at the top of their game. Making sure your staff are up to date with rules and regulations is especially important in terms of health and safety. It is your responsibility to monitor your employees' health and safety training and knowledge and ensure that they are well-versed in your OHS policies to protect them from accident or injury.

It helps improve the efficiency and relevancy of your courses

If you aren't tracking employee training, you have no idea where the knowledge gaps are. Tests, polls and checkpoints show weak points – either individual or general – so you can improve training courses. Learners can provide feedback about their training, allowing you to assess the effectiveness and relevancy of courses. Without feedback or evaluation from your employees, you will continue to run unpopular or unhelpful courses – wasting your time and theirs. Tracking employee training shows you when you need to modify or replace courses.

It helps limit turnover

Another important reason to track employee training is that it helps to reduce staff turnover. This is for two key reasons. Firstly, by making courses better, you're educating staff and encouraging their personal and professional growth. This makes your company a more appealing place to work and encourages loyalty. Secondly tracking employee training gives employees a chance to have their say, either indirectly through quantitative data about their training, or directly through feedback about training. Employees will appreciate being heard and feeling like they are a valuable part of your team – listening to what they have to say about their training is such an easy way to keep your staff happy.

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How you should track your employee training


It's good to observe employees going through the training process and putting their knowledge into action. However, especially in larger organisations, it's not always possible to do this. This is why it's so great that through online training modules created in Intuto, you can see whether your employees have viewed the content. However, it's not enough just to know that they've seen it...


... which is why we also have ways for you to create checkpoints and test employees' knowledge and understanding of the content. There are three kinds of testing that are valuable as part of training: diagnostic testing, which tells you what employees already know and shows weak points; formative testing, which keeps employees engaged throughout training; and summative testing to check understanding of the content. Your training modules can be customised in Intuto to capture all this information for you.


This is an important final stage in tracking training. In the same way you would finish a face-to-face training session by asking for any final questions, you should encourage feedback through comments, polls or embedded forms in your Intuto courses. This qualitative information will help make courses more efficient, and also give employees the chance to raise any concerns or questions they may have.

If you're ready to boost your employee training, check out how Intuto can help you track, monitor and improve learning with their online courses.

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