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Alle Reid

Apr 16, 2024

Optimise Staffing and Resources for Non-Dues Revenue Growth


For associations, generating non-dues revenue is a critical aspect of sustainability and growth. While external factors like member engagement and strategic partnerships play a significant role, internal factors such as staffing and resources can also greatly impact non-dues revenue. 
In this article, we'll explore how associations can optimise these internal factors to enhance their non-dues revenue generation.

Internal Resources

Successfully generating non-dues revenue hinges on optimising the use of internal resources, primarily staffing and existing capabilities. Here are key factors to consider.

1: Identify Skill Gaps

Conduct a thorough assessment of your current staff's skills and experience. Identify any gaps in areas essential for generating non-dues revenue, such as marketing, sales, and project management.

Make investments in training and upskilling staff by providing them with the requisite skills to navigate new revenue streams. This can be done through training programs, workshops, or online courses, ensuring your team is equipped with the expertise to successfully implement and manage non-dues initiatives.

2: Streamline Workflows and Technology

Analyse existing workflows and identify areas where efficiency can be improved. By streamlining these processes, you will create more time for your staff to concentrate on strategic revenue-generating tasks.

Embrace and utilise relevant technology to automate tasks, manage projects efficiently, and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) linked to non-dues initiatives. This promotes data-driven decision-making and facilitates effective resource allocation.

3: Collaboration and Cross-Functional Teams

Promote cross-departmental collaboration through open communication and information sharing. By leveraging the diverse expertise of separate teams (i.e. marketing, sales, and content creation teams) working together, you can create innovative and effective non-dues revenue strategies.

This cross-functional approach fosters a collaborative environment and maximises the potential of your team's collective knowledge and perspectives.

4: Build a Strong Marketing Strategy

Craft a compelling marketing strategy that clearly communicates the unique value your association and its non-dues offerings bring to your target audience. Utilise diverse channels like email marketing, social media, and targeted advertising to reach your audience effectively.

Investing in high-quality content creation that addresses the needs and challenges of your members and potential members acts as a lead magnet, attracting new members and generating interest in your non-dues offerings.

5: Utilise External Resources

Explore outsourcing specific tasks or projects related to non-dues revenue generation. This can be beneficial for tasks requiring specialised expertise or resources exceeding your internal capacity.

Partnering with external vendors or consultants can provide valuable assistance in specific areas like market research, digital marketing, or event management, ultimately enhancing your non-dues revenue generation efforts.

A Strategic and Proactive Approach

Optimising resources for increased non-dues revenue generation requires a strategic and proactive approach. By identifying internal challenges, investing in skill development, and leveraging technology and collaboration, associations can unlock significant financial potential.

Remember, a data-driven approach and continuous evaluation are key to ensuring your non-dues initiatives contribute to sustainable growth and long-term success.

Looking for new non-dues revenue opportunities?

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Innovative Education Opportunities: A Path to Boost Non-dues Revenue

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