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Gary Peebles

Sep 1, 2014

Prototypes can be Simply Fun

As mentioned in the previous technology post, many months ago a prototype was built to prove the most important (and clever) parts of the system.  The development of this prototype,  and the mantra for simple and fun online learning, lead the dev team to use the code name Simply Fun for this development.  

Of course, a prototype isn’t really a prototype until someone has seen it and started trying to use it as though it is a production system!  In <italic>Simply Fun</italic>’s case, it was our CEO who had just seen the demo in action and noticed that a new process around accounts could be enhanced by using the features of Simply Fun (Intuto).  Although only for internal use, Intuto made documenting a boring accounting process relating to Xero fun to write, and the person who ended up being the student also saw the potential for an important ‘dogs in the office’ course.  More on both those courses soon, but it showed that even with almost no features the concept could work, and work well.  All that was left was to build the production version!

Of course, we know better than to use any code from the prototype in the production system, as this is a fast way to software failure - just search here.  It did however serve its purpose to show that a very specific set of features were possible for Intuto, and more importantly that they will be simple and fun to use.

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