Getting Started
Upload exisiting documents, choose an Intuto template to modify, or create a new course from scratch.
Bring your content to life
Bring your training to life by embedding YouTube videos, uploading voice-overs and music, and adding pictures.
Add Interactivity
Embed interactions from 3rd parties like H5P, WuFoo form, Survey Monkey, Classmarker or any iFrame-enabled widget.
Making training social and engaging by enabling comments to capture discussions about the content.
Create short quizzes to check staff understanding and make your training more interesting. You can also use checkpoints to track agreements to important policies.
Changes to your content save automatically as you edit and you can preview your work at anytime without the need to publish.
Advanced Settings
Publish settings give you the flexibility to share your content in different ways, and set courses to expire or renew.
Request a Demo
We'd love to have a chat and help with your training needs.
Joanna Clough, Dog Safe Workplace
Intuto is easy to use and we can make editorial changes which allow us to customise the course for various clients. If we want to change or ask a question they are literally at the end of the phone ready to help.
Joanna Clough, Dog Safe Workplace

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