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Intuto can help you build, deliver and report on industry standard assessments to members and stakeholders with ease.

How to Develop Effective Webinar Slides and Visual Aids
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Breathe New Life Into Your Webinars

Intuto's Learning Management System (LMS) offers an ideal platform for delivering industry-wide assessments. Our LMS makes it easy to create, deliver and manage assessments for large groups of individuals. With advanced features such as reporting and analytics, our LMS allows you to track individual and group performance, ensuring the assessment results are insightful and actionable. Intuto's LMS is a cost-effective and efficient solution that simplifies assessment delivery and streamlines communication with all stakeholders. Contact us today to learn how Intuto's LMS can help you manage and deliver industry-wide assessments with ease.






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Benefits At A Glance

Intuto has over 20 years of experience delivering online training solutions globally. Tap into our knowledge so we can help you share yours. 

Improve retention

Don't lose members through a lack of engagement. A fresh and relevant continuing education programme helps engage members and demonstrates membership value.

Time and cost saving

Face-to-face training is costly for members and associations in venue hire and particularly travel time, especially for out-of-town members. 

Training on demand

On Intuto, 32% of professional development happens outside traditional business hours. Allow members to educate themselves when and where they want, and at their own pace. 

Consistent training

Deliver a consistent training experience to all members. Use different interactions to cater to different learning styles and keep members engaged.

Reward completion

Winners are grinners and grinners stay engaged. Provide certificates, CPD points and encouragement to members as they complete their continuing education.

Engagement insights

Get insight into member engagement. Reports can highlight unengaged members so you can intervene sooner. 

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Full Featured Yet So Simple

A complete training solution for associations. An easy to use, yet feature rich, Learning Management System (LMS) backed by a production team resource and industry leading customer support.

Content conversion

Get your existing content converted and digitised. Our team can convert most formats (e.g. PDF, Powerpoint and webinars) into structured and  engaging online courses.

Template library

Get going faster by starting with a pre-made Intuto template. Use as is or customise to your needs.

Tracking & reports

Monitor engagement by capturing how much time members have spent on your training.

Comment & collaborate

Online commenting makes your content more engaging and facilitates group discussion.


Use quizzes to check your members' understanding throughout the content and ensure your content is meeting your desired learning outcomes.

Premium support

With Intuto's premium support, you are in safe hands should you need any help with your content.

Get an idea on how much it will cost to convert your webinars

Answer these questions and we will give you an instant estimate of how much it might cost to convert your webinars into education.
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Estimate to convert your webinar(s)

Do it Yourself

We'll provide the training and support.  You take care of the build.

Standard $

We convert your webinar into a course.

  • Video split for bite-sized learning
  • Knowledge check quiz
  • Structured course

Fast and easy.

Premium $

All Standard features +

  • Learning activities
  • Supporting instruction and imagery

Best supports learning.

Special offer:

We’ll convert your first webinar & give you two months hosting for FREE Enter your Email address to claim this offer.

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+ Platform cost starting at $250 a month

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Associations across Australasia and North America trust Intuto with their continuing professional education for members. Here's what they're saying about us.

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We tested a total of five platforms last summer, and Intuto stood out as the best for value, ease of use and customer service. We have been extremely satisfied with Intuto and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to put training online.

Safe+Sound Somerset

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Intuto has allowed us to record multiple trainings and make them available to ALL members rather than just metropolitan members.

The Australian Hypnotherapists Association

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Easy access for learners. Easy to load content if you're a writer. Fantastic support from the company. Affordable. Simple processes.

Whānau Āwhina Plunket

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Learners rated the 'Facility Design and Biorisk Management' course produced by Intuto 4.8/5 for ease of use and 4.7/5 for usefulness.

Association of Biosafety for Australia & New Zealand

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Learners rated the 'Construction Safety for Volunteers' course produced by Intuto  4/5 for ease of use and 5/5 for usefulness.

Habitat for Humanity Australia

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Thank you to you and your team for converting this module.  I am so pleased with how it looks.  All the activities are great and the graphic with the moving part turned out so well.

College of Emergency Nursing Australia

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Intuto's an award winning Learning Management System (LMS) as voted by our customers.

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Recent awards
Recent awards

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