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Apr 5, 2023

How to Develop Effective Webinar Slides and Visual Aids


Webinars are a low-cost and effective way for an association to reach and engage their member or non-members. However, a few tricks and tips will help improve engagement and attendance rates when recording webinars. This includes planning attractive slides and visual aids for webinars.

Here, we'll provide tips and recommendations for creating effective webinar slides and visual aids.

Why You Need Effective Webinar Slides and Visual Aids

Before you spend time on beautiful visuals and slides, you probably want to know what that will do for your association. Let's examine some of the benefits.

It Improves Attention Spans and Engagement Levels

Good visuals help keep viewers engaged by providing a break from the speaker's words and allowing them to process the information differently.

They also help keep attention spans high, as viewers can easily understand the message without reading much text. Consistent and powerful visuals also bring a sense of continuity to the presentation - something that will keep your audience alert.

It Makes Complex Information Easier to Understand

Good visuals and slides help make complex info easier to understand by providing images and text that the brain can quickly absorb. Most of us process visual information in the brain better than we process words.

Using visuals helps your audience comprehend the message faster and helps strengthen critical points. It's vital if you have a specific learning outcome you want your audience to understand or when you want to explain a complex technical feature.

It Improves Conversion rates.

Good visuals and slides make it easier for you to communicate your message. When your audience grasps those benefits, they are more likely to take action. If you're running a educational webinar, that will translate to a better knowledge retention.

It Adds Energy

Good visuals and slides help keep the webinar engaging by adding energy.

They provide a visual aid to the topics being discussed, break up the monotony and make the presentation more attractive. They also help participants stay focused and engaged.

It Makes Your Webinar More Memorable

People recall striking images more readily than a sea of words. It's important if you want your audience to leave your webinar and remember what you said.

People Are More Likely to Recommend the Webinar 

Digital learning might offer huge value, but no one will recommend a dull or dry webinar to a colleague or fellow member If your webinar is engaging and informative, attendees will likely recommend it to their friends and peers. That will help boost your audience numbers over time.

Steps to Creating Effective Webinar Slides

Are you ready to overhaul your webinar slides? Here are some simple steps to take before designing webinar presentations.

Choose a Catchy Title

When preparing a presentation, choose a title that describes the topic of your webinar and grabs attention. Pick words that are interesting, relevant and easy to remember.

Get Creative and Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorm webinar ideas by writing down all your thoughts, asking questions, and exploring different angles. Create categories and lists, and draw connections between ideas. Talk to others to gain new perspectives. Or seek inspiration from the web.

Keep It Simple

Reduce the text on each slide by using only keywords. Keep messages simple. Use active language and avoid jargon. Aim for a low reading age. Select an easy-to-read font and a large font size. Many presenters suggest less than 30 words per slide. Provide an accompanying worksheet or download to provide more detailed information if you think it's required.  

Make It Clear

Decide on your most important message during the presentation. Make it clear, concise and straightforward. Use active words and avoid long sentences. Use visuals to support your message. Make sure your message is easy to follow.

Choose Charts, Graphs and Images

Include visuals like charts, graphs, and images in your webinar to make your message stand out. Show them to illustrate key points and help viewers understand the topic better.

Add Questions

Add polls, quizzes and questions during your webinar to engage your audience. Ask them to answer questions and provide feedback. Give them rewards for participating. Make it fun and interactive.

Create a Flow

Organise slides into sections, add clear headings and use visuals such as graphs and diagrams to help explain your ideas.

Keep slides simple and concise. Use consistent fonts and colours. Rehearse before you present to ensure smooth flow.

Test Your Slides

Test your slides before your final presentation to ensure it all works together. Ask others for advice. Choose someone outside of your organisation for neutral feedback.

Make Changes

Allot some time to make changes and improvements to your webinar. Use the feedback others offer, and don't be afraid to cut out slides that don't provide the most engaging webinar content.

Visual Aids and Webinar Presentation Tips

When using visuals in a webinar, you must keep your audience involved. Use colourful slides with simple graphics, charts or diagrams. When using charts, make sure all labels and keys are easily readable and in large font.

Keep the text to a minimum on visual slides. Adding audio or video clips to give the presentation a multimedia experience is also a good idea. Even the odd gif can add some light humour.

But any visuals should be relevant to the topic and add value to the presentation - don't add them for the sake of having visuals.

Finally, allow the audience to interact with the visuals, such as by asking the audience a question about a picture during the start of the presentation and returning to it at the end.

Keep Your Audience Engaged When Recording Webinars

When recording webinars, effective webinar slides and visual aids can make all the difference. You can improve the look and feel of your webinar slides and keep your audience engaged.

Using visuals and animation, you can make webinars captivating and memorable and ensure your webinar is informative and enjoyable. Following these tips can create a compelling and fascinating webinar experience.

There is so much more you can do with a successful webinar.

For example, you can turn it into a paid course to boost revenue or improve brand awareness of your association. To learn more about this, meet with us to discover how Intuto can help.

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