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WooCommerce is a flexible, open-source eCommerce solution built on WordPress.  This integration automatically enrols users into Intuto courses as soon as an order is completed. 

Designed for companies or individuals who want to start making money from the amazing courses, collections and certificates they have created inside the Intuto LMS by harnessing the power of the WooCommerce eCommerce solution.

Benefits of the WooCommerce Integration

Sell Courses
Start selling the courses you have created inside Intuto quickly.
Fast / Inexpensive Setup
Wordpress and WooCommerce are both open source (free) solutions that can be set up fast and easily.
Instant Access
When an order is completed, users will receive instant access to their purchased courses.
Payment Gateway Options
WooCommerce works with many payment gateways, including Stripe, Apple Pay and Paypal.
Income Stream
Use your online courses as an excellent passive income stream.

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