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Seline McNamee

May 14, 2018

May Release - Manual Release Certificates and Bulk Upload Redesign

Manual Release of Certificates

You can now hold back certificates until practical work is completed. Once you are happy all requirements are met, you can manually release the certificate with the click of a button.

Learn more about manually releasing certificates.

Manual release certificates


Bulk Upload Redesign

Bulk upload is perfect if you want to upload and enrol many users all at once. The bulk upload section of Intuto has been redesigned to be easier to use, faster and more flexible.

You can now add groups, enrol users into collections and see what step you are up to.

Bulk upload redesign

Additional Updates

Bug Fixes and Polishing
Each month we try to add new functionality and tools for our customers, but just as important is improving what we currently have. We’ve completed over 80 minor fixes and developments, which should improve your experience in Intuto.

What's Coming Next?
Integrations - we are improving our API so more of your partners can integrate with us. If you have anyone you'd like your learning results to integrate with, let us know.

Not working as expected?
As a result of the update, some of you may find that when you next login, the page doesn’t load perfectly or it comes up looking blank. If this happens, just refresh your browser and it will go back to looking normal. 

Want to learn how to use our new features?

Select a time to meet with us below!

Meet with us

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