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Seline McNamee

Feb 19, 2018

February Release - Improved Reports, New Login Box and goRoster Integration

What's new?

Welcome to the first Intuto update of 2018!

Over the break we have been busy improving and adding to the Intuto Reports, building the ability to embed a Login Box on your website and finalising our integration with goRoster. Read on to find out more.


We now have a tab for Reports, here you will find all of the existing reports along with a few new ones to help you track collections and data across multiple sites. New reports include:

  • Collection report - Track user progress through collections.
  • Campaign report (where relevant) - Get an overview of campaign activation.
  • Expiring enrolments report - View enrolments that are about to expire.
  • Multi-site report - An overview of course and collection usage across all your Intuto sites.
  • Campaign test results (where relevant) - Export the test results from the pre-arrival test associated with your campaigns.


Add an Intuto login box on your site

Intuto now provides the ability to have the Intuto login box on your own website. Let us know if you'd like to try this out and we will help you get set up.

login box

goRoster Integration

If you use goRoster for your staff rostering you can now link it to Intuto and automatically have your staff enrolled in appropriate Intuto courses. When staff pass courses they will then appear inside goRoster as qualifications. Ask us how.


Want to learn how to use our new features? Book a free training session with us below!

Want to learn how to use our new features?

Book a free training session with us below!

Book a Free Training Session

Additional Updates

We've been working on fine-tuning the performance behind the scenes to help improve the performance of Intuto. You won't see anything flashy on the front, but you should see enhanced speed across the site.

Bug Fixes and Polishing
Each month we try to add new functionality and tools for our customers, but just as important is improving what we currently have. In this update, we've completed a lot of minor fixes and developments, which should improve your experience in Intuto.

Not working as expected?

As a result of the update, some of you may find that when you next login, the page doesn't load perfectly or it comes up looking blank. If this happens, just refresh your browser and it will go back to looking normal. Hard reload using Ctrl + Shift + R.

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