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Gary Peebles

Mar 9, 2021

Content Page Redesign


Adding Course Collections to the Content page

We are excited to announce the release of a brand new content page that integrates collections and courses in a single place.  

It can be a tricky balance to continue to add new functionality and keep Intuto easy to use.  This is why when course collections first came out, we put them under settings and assumed that it would be an advanced feature.  

As it turns out, 80% of our customers use collections as they provide flexibility around ordering courses, automatic certificates, learning pathways and completion notification. Find out more about collections here.  We love seeing features being used - so now is the time to bring Collections out of the shadows and into the light on the main Content page.

New Content Page

The first thing you'll notice is we have added groupings at the top of the Content page so you can view your courses by Collections, Courses or Starred (there will also be options for Invites, Enrollable Courses and Campaigns if applicable). 

1. Different-views

Collections View

The Collections view displays courses by collections.  When logged in as an admin you can see the user groups associated with the collection and whether it has a certificate attached.

The first collection will appear expanded by default and you can expand other collections using the small black arrow next to the collection name.

2. Collection -view

You can also Edit, Share, and Report on the collection right from the content page.

3. Collection -options

You can make the Collections view the default view for all users in your site under settings (you need admin rights for this).


Starred View

After feedback from users who have found it difficult to find their frequently used courses, we have added the ability to Star courses.  This is achieved by clicking on the star to the right of the course name.


Starred courses will appear in the Starred view for easy access.


Compact View & Sorting 

As part of the new design we looked at ways to fit more courses on the screen without scrolling.  We have therefore added a Compact view to the content page, which is available via a dropdown next to the search bar.

7. Compact-view-drop-down

The Compact view shows less options to admins, but allows for more courses to be displayed in the list before scrolling.  The extra options are still there - they are just behind the three dots on the right.

8. Compact-view-1

The existing view has been tweaked and renamed Expanded view.

8. Expanded-view

We have also added in options to sort your Courses / Collections. 


Button Colours 

The ‘action’ buttons on the content page will now take on the colour selected in Primary Action Button under settings allowing you to further align your Intuto site to your own brand.

9. Action button settings


Create New Button 

Using the Create New button you can choose what and how you want to create a course or collection.  This now has up to four options: 

  1. Create a new course from scratch.
  2. Browse Templates and create a course from a template.
  3. Create a course from a SCORM package (if available on your plan).
  4. Create a new collection.

10. Create New

Template Page

Templates are a great place to be inspired or to leverage some existing quality content.  The template page now has search and sort functionality to help you find what you are looking for.

11. Template

Name Changes

As we were working through the new content page development, we also realised that some of our naming was inconsistent and didn’t reflect how our customers refer to parts of the system.  To ensure consistency we now use the following terms.

  • Owner has become Admin
  • Guest has become Participant 
  • Contributor has become  Editor
  • Invite has become Share

We hope you enjoy the new content page and as always we'd love to hear your thoughts.

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