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Seline McNamee

Apr 10, 2018

April Release - Improved Performance & Security


What's new?

We’ve been working on fine-tuning the performance & security behind the scenes to help improve Intuto. You won’t see anything flashy on the front, but you should experience enhanced speed across the site.

We have also managed to fit in a few new features and improvements, including making it possible to use a link to enrol users into a collection and a new look www.intuto.com website. Please read on to find out more.

Collection Changes

You can now create a shareable link for a collection. When used, a user will automatically be enrolled into all courses in the collection.

You can now also choose to be notified when someone completes a collection, saving time on checking up on progress.

Edit collection

New INTUTO Website

We also have updated our Intuto.com public website with a fresh new look. You'll find more industry-specific information, detailed feature descriptions and a lot more. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Additional Updates


Bug Fixes and Polishing
Each month we try to add new functionality and tools for our customers, but just as important is improving what we currently have. We’ve completed over 20 minor fixes and developments, which should improve your experience in Intuto.

What's Coming Next?
Bulk upload - We are revamping the bulk user upload making it easier to use with multiple, clearly defined steps.
Manually Release Certificates - We are adding functionality to withhold certificates until a contributor or owner has approved it. This will be useful if there is a practical piece of work required before the certificate is issued.

Not working as expected?
As a result of the update, some of you may find that when you next login, the page doesn’t load perfectly or it comes up looking blank. If this happens, just refresh your browser and it will go back to looking normal.

Want to learn how to use our new features?

Book a free training session with us below!

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