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Joshua Collins

Jun 23, 2017

June Release - Improving the Content Views

What’s New?

We’ve just updated Intuto with numerous bug fixes and some changes to the interface and navigation experience. The biggest change relates to the Content page where we’ve introduced a new grid view of your content and compressed the list view. This means it will no longer expand when you hover your mouse over it. This stops the page bouncing around which in extreme cases has been causing motion sickness.

Introducing the New Content Page

Take a look at the new designs.

Intuto content grid view

You can easily switch between the two views to the one you prefer.

Intuto content list view

Building on the content page, another cool feature we’ve added is the ability to search your content, so for those of you who are creating tons of courses, this is for you!

Intuto content Search Bar

Then just start typing, you’ll see the magic happen right before your eyes.

Intuto content Search Box

Intuto content search list

Another area we’ve improved is your custom branding. We’ll be expanding this further in the future, but for now you can completely customise the header bar of your site.

Intuto company settings

Bug Fixes and Polishing

Each month we try to add new functionality and tools for our customers, but just as important is improving what we currently have. We fixed Multiple issues which were bought to our attention, these include:

  • Invitations now correctly showing errors when invalid
  • Deleting a course is now correctly removed from the content view
  • Pagination across the site has been improved and polished for a better experience
  • Improved security protocols across the site

Outside of this we’ve completed another 40 minor fixes or improvements, which should improve your experience of Intuto.


We’ve been working on fine-tuning the performance behind the scenes to help improve the performance of Intuto. You won’t see anything flashy on the front, but you should see improved speed across lots of the site.

As always, if you find things that aren’t working as expected, or features you want added, just let us know.

Site not displaying correctly?

This sometimes happens when a browser caches the old site after an update. To fix it simply hard reload using Ctrl + Shift + R.

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