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Alle Reid

May 30, 2024

The Association Academy Highlight: Workplace Health and Safety


Recently Intuto launched The Association Academy - a turnkey, scalable e-learning solution without an upfront cost, based on sharing revenue and success. We're curating an ever-growing library of courses that associations can select from to help educate their members, via their own branded site. One of the latest in the collection is Workplace Health and Safety.

Advanced Safety founder Matt Jones has collaborated with Intuto to create an interactive Workplace Health and Safety course for Australia - aligned to the Model WHS Laws, and one for New Zealand - aligned to the HSWA 2015.

Who is the course for?

The Workplace Health and Safety course has been designed for 'officers' in the workplace. As per the HSWA 2015 and WHS Model Laws, an officer is someone who holds a specific role in an organisation that allows them to significantly influence the management of a PCBU. Organisations can have more than one officer.

Officers are:

  • Company directors (even if they do not have ‘director’ in the title)
  • In New Zealand, any partner in a partnership (other than a limited partnership)
  • Any general partner in a limited partnership
  • Any person who holds a position comparable to a director in a body corporate or an unincorporated body
  • Any person who exercises significant influence over the management of the business or undertaking (such as the Chief Executive).

What is the purpose of the course?

People in these senior leadership positions have an important role in leading health and safety culture throughout a PCBU. This role comes with duties and responsibilities under the Workplace Health and Safety legislation. An individual may fall under more than one type of Duty Holder, and in addition, when undertaking projects all parties have a responsibility to each other. We'll delve into the overlapping duties and responsibilities, ensuring officers understand their obligations in various situations.

This tailored course covers training on the duties and responsibilities under the Act or Model Laws, how to put these into practice, and how to remain informed across company performance, culture and engagement. Setting the foundation for implementing health and safety legislation effectively in the officer's organisation, and ensuring compliance with legislation.

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What's included in the course?

The Workplace Health and Safety course has been beautifully designed with interactive elements to support all styles of learning. It is complete with audio narration from Matt Jones, the founding director of Advanced Safety who have been providing trusted health and safety training for enterprises of all sizes since 2016. 

Ease of access is important for busy directors and senior leaders. The course has been designed with mobility in mind and is able to be viewed on any smart device - PCs, tablets and mobiles. Simply log in and you're away! 

Once the content is completed, you can choose for members to receive a certificate and / or CPD points to recognise their learning. 

"Combining the power of Intuto with the expertise of Advanced Safety, the Workplace Health and Safety course is designed for practical, on-the-go learning, ensuring directors and senior leaders can access vital training anytime, anywhere. With interactive elements and audio narration, it’s a comprehensive solution for modern enterprises."

-Matt Jones, Advanced Safety

Expert training with The Association Academy

Intuto have drawn on feedback from our association customers, across a broad range of industries, to identify common education needs. The Association Academy courses we offer aim to address this need and build capability in compliance, business, communication, mental health and other human skills. 

Courses developed in alignment with the AQF or in partnership with experts in their field, such as this Workplace Health and Safety course, enable associations and their members to tap into this expert knowledge base.

Intuto understands the challenges many associations face in launching a new initiative (resourcing, investment in infrastructure, tech expertise, board approval, and so on). Intuto, via The Association Academy, has taken care of these challenges allowing associations to get going with no set up cost, ongoing license fees or any other hidden fees. The model is one of shared revenue on course sales - providing associations with a bonus non-dues revenue stream!

Earn 30% from every paid course your members invest in, at no cost to you. Build confidence in becoming an education provider for your members without the risk. Meet with us today to discuss your association's needs, and discover what The Association Academy can do for you!

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