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Joshua Collins

Mar 30, 2017

System Update - March 2017 (#1)

Here at Intuto we’ve been working hard to get our next update out, which improves the platform by amending some of the ways the various tools are currently used and adding features that users have suggested and that many of you will be able to apply in your day to day use of the system.

In this update you will find:

  • Extra help with content publishing
  • Improved design to help make sharing content easier
  • Content registration renewals
  • Bulk encouragement emails
  • Bug fixes

Update 1: Publish Page

New help button
 You will now see this on the publish page. Simply click this icon and it will provide additional information to help you at the Publish stage. This feature will start appearing on other pages over time.

Renewal Feature
It is now possible to get staff to complete content again after a set period of time. This will allow you to:

  • Set a renewal for your content, this means that you can make content repeatable for your staff. Very handy for compliance when you need staff to be fully up to date.
  • Define when you’d like to send the reminder for content that is about to expire.  For example if you set reminder to 1 month, that would mean that 1 month before the expiry the users would get an email asking them to re-complete the content.

Update 2: Encouragement Emails

You can now send emails to encourage all users at a specific stage (e.g. invited) to engage with the content. To access this feature simply use the reporting page, accessed from the menu on either the dashboard or content page. Simply select the type of participant you would like to email, press the select button and choose the people you would like to email. To select everyone in the category simply use the checkbox in the title row, it’s that easy!

Finally to edit the default templates for these encouragement emails simply head over to the site settings page where you’ll now see:

On the template page you’ll find the base template for each of the emails. Here you can rewrite it to suit your message. If you’re unsure of anything to do with the templates don’t hesitate to contact our team!

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

We’re continually working on the platform to ensure it is up to date and error free but as with all software we encounter the odd 'bug'.  We thought you'd be interested in the 'bug' fixes we've completed recently.  If you've encountered these they are now fixed but if you come across any others, or if you have any questions on these or anything else, please just get in touch.

Bug Fixes Minor Updates
  1. Fixed issue some users experienced when exporting a campaign report.
  2. Fixed issue preventing bulk uploads.
  3. Bookmarking within content has been fixed.
  4. Ability to add contributors through the site settings page has been improved.
  5. UI issue with registration page on mobile devices has been resolved.
  6. Resolved issue with deleting content if a user had left comments.
  7. Issue with refreshing page on company select, causing a re-login.
  8. Fixed dancing content pre-viewer.
  9. Timeout when selecting a company issue.
  10. Fixed images on checkpoint.
  1. Help button now hides pre-populated fields, also added dropdown help list.
  2. Updated the subscription page to have correct text.
  3. Updated content tests to provide advice on recommended time allocations.
  4. Content cover image now takes user to the content.
  5. Updated campaign email to have correct naming in subject.
  6. Removed the unnecessary “>” symbol at start of some tests.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for your support and feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any features or ideas you’d like to see in Intuto and indeed any thoughts about the platform at all. We value any comments you might have.

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System Update - March 2017 (#2)

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