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Aaron Leggett

May 5, 2016

Online training with Intuto

Intuto was designed to make online training simple and affordable for small to medium sized businesses. We want to help you deliver content to your staff to educate your workforce and enable a more professional, safer experience to your customers.

You can use Intuto to automate a variety of tasks across your business, from “Health & Safety” to content on “Product Knowledge” - Intuto enables you to keep all your content in one place, and makes it easy to update and redeliver when changes or updates need to be made.

  1. Bring your existing content - Upload your existing documents and images, then share it with your staff in minutes. We have made it easy to bring your existing content so you don’t have to re-create it to put it online. Once the content is up, add checkpoints to make sure staff read and understood the content you have provided.
  2. Start with one of our templates - Your Intuto account is automatically loaded with free templates you can use to start creating content. Select a template then customise it to your requirements by updating it with your business specific information. You can then personalise the templates with your own images and branding.
  3. Completion Tracking - With checkpoints placed throughout your content, you can check your staff have understood the information by asking content specific questions. In a more compliance based scenario, you can require staff to confirm they have read, understood and agree to the content before they continue.
  4. Deliver your content - Once you have created your first course, you can share it to your team in minutes and begin tracking their completion data. By allowing your staff to comment on the content, you can also receive feedback and prompt internal discussion on specific topics.

It’s no secret that proper online training in the hospitality industry is crucial – its how you deliver it that’s important. Using Intuto will help you save time, money and give you the tools to make sure your staff are completing any required learning. For more information on how Intuto can work for you, get in contact with us.

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