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Lisa Garrity

Dec 7, 2020

Why Video for Training?


I think we can all agree that online training is quite important at the moment. 

Just before Covid hit, at Eyes and Ears, we were already keeping busy creating a series of chemistry tutorial videos for AUT (Chemistry Matters), a series on the procurement process for NZDF and a multitude of virtual conference videos for a company called Teulo.  All three of these clients got to breathe a sigh of relief - their timing couldn’t have been more impeccable, given that the content was already well underway by the time we all went into Level 4!  

Since then we have seen an increase in companies embracing video content, especially from those who are showcasing their companies offshore, training their staff or clients, and of course, promoting their products.

So what’s the key to creating training videos that actually engage the viewer, inspiring them to act or learn?

At Eyes and Ears, we think connecting kanohi ki te kanohi (Maori for face-to-face) is really important.

Before we even make the video, we prioritise connecting with our client (be that in person or on Zoom!) to make sure that we know their brand inside and out and can do the best we can at 1) looking after their needs throughout the production process and 2) making a video that represents them perfectly. We’re proud to say that many of the people we have worked with over the years have also become friends - there’s a reason such a large portion of our business are return clients!

When it comes to making the video, using a friendly face (like a presenter or some of your awesome team members) on camera, can help make the video feel more personal and gives the viewer someone to connect to. 


We also know that combining this approach with other elements such as animation and infographics, is a really efficient way to get the key facts across and get messages to stick in their minds. This is particularly handy when it comes to training videos that tend to contain lots of statistics or figures - making them easy to catch, without becoming overwhelming or even worse...boring! 

Strategically adding in some static images and video can add an extra dimension - whether you already have this content, or you need our help to capture some new footage!  Just in case you are thinking about using your mobile phone, here is a stat we got recently; using high quality video as opposed to content captured on mobile has a 97% chance of gaining higher learning awareness. 

We’re always happy to have a chat with you about using video for training! Just get in touch with our Marketing and Sales Manager Lisa, at lisa.garrity@eyesandears.co.nz.

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