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Seline McNamee

Aug 25, 2016

Compliance training: What is the best solution?

Compliance training is essentially the process of educating new and existing employees on rules, regulations and policies that apply to their job responsibilities and presence onsite.

This is compulsory for all businesses in any industry, but particularly important in hospitality, where health and safety is a constant consideration. Your employees must be fully compliant in order for you to avoid penalties and build consumer trust, as well as keep themselves safe in the workplace.

Every new employee should undergo a thorough and effective compliance training session as part of the induction process. Beyond that, as regulations and the work environment change, all compliance training should be regularly updated.

As we head into the depths of winter, keeping your business fit and healthy is just as important as keeping yourself healthy – no one likes having the 'flu' knock them out!

It seems like a time consuming and costly process, but the costs of not having a system in place can be much higher. Consider injury claims, lost productivity and dissatisfied consumers, all of which can be extremely expensive and have long-reaching consequences. Why take the risk?

How can you maintain compliance?

One of the most difficult factors in the hospitality industry, in terms of maintaining a workplace safety culture of good health and safety, is that most organisations have large staff, members of which work at different times and often locations, meaning it’s difficult to reach the whole staff in a collaborative space.

For that reason, the least expensive and time-consuming way to maintain full compliance in the workplace, and make it a normal part of the workplace culture, is to keep up to date online, which, conveniently, also eliminates the need for disruptive meetings and conferences.

Working online is the easiest and most effective way to stay well-informed of the latest requirements for your industry, involve all employees and share relevant resources. It also means employees can work on maintaining their compliance wherever and whenever it suits them, maximising their use of work time.

For those reasons, Intuto is the perfect online hub for any organisation trying to keep ahead of the game as far as hospitality health and safety requirements go.

Why should you choose Intuto for your online compliance training?

Intuto is an inexpensive and time-efficient way to manage your compliance training and avoid expensive injury claims and lost productivity which can wipe out a small business. Several different features make it the best option for your business:

  • Our various plans give you the ability to share your online training with all your staff members, contractors, owners and even patrons.
  • There is no limit to the number of training modules you can create, meaning the system grows and changes and you go through induction, compliance and training processes with your staff.
  • Because we’re designed and built with the New Zealand hospitality industry in mind, our templates are ready-made to get you going faster. We also have a partner network that lets you access industry-specific content.
  • Our online collaboration capabilities mean you and your staff can work together and engage in group discussion and learning without the need for time consuming meetings and sessions. The tracking and reports function also produces a record of staff participation, and the checkpoint quizzes measure understanding and check completion of each module.
  • The branding capabilities avoid the bland experience of a generic compliance training programme – vital for improving staff engagement with your brand.
  • And finally, Intuto offers premium support to back up your online training experience at any stage of your compliance training and maintenance.

Check out our compliance training plans here and keep your business healthy and safe.

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Online Induction Training for New Employees

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