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Lotta De Smet

Nov 6, 2020

Why We Strive To Create An Affordable E-Learning Platform


It’s time we address the elephant in the room; why is the cost of implementing Intuto so low? From the outset, affordability was our overriding goal and we've worked hard to achieve this. We believe that e-learning should be attainable, pricing should be easy to understand and you shouldn't be caught out by unexpected fees. In this article, we explore our philosophy around democratising e-learning. 

Our Subscription Plans 

Intuto has two plans; the Foundation plan and the Service Plus plan. While there are some key differences between them, our overall goal is to ensure that every organisation can implement an effective e-learning strategy. 

The Foundation plan is a good entry point that lets people design their own courses, add users and take charge of online training on their own account. The Service Plus plan is the Foundation plan with lots of extra sugar. Essentially, the Service Plus plan caters to organisations that require more support, access to our specialised content production team and API integrations. It's just a question of your needs. 

The two plans are flexible, you can upgrade and downgrade between the two depending on your needs. If you want to understand more about the key differences, you can contact us for more information

Overall, our subscription plans are designed to be simple and affordable so that everyone has the ability to implement an e-learning platform. Our goal is for e-learning to be central to every organisation's long term digital strategy and that goal must be achievable. 

Current Barriers To Entry

To understand Intuto's plan and pricing, you have to take into account the current e-learning industries' state of affairs. We believe there are a number of factors that stop organisations from actively embracing e-learning. These barriers include the issues around open source platforms, caps on users, and the cost and complexity of authoring tools. 

Some platforms are open source and many people think this means 'free'. An open source platform may seem like a good way to start an e-learning journey. However, most open source platforms have not been designed for an everyday technology user. They are often built by developers who look to add a lot of cool features and settings. The downside is that the platform can be difficult to navigate, and will probably require external help to keep things running which can be expensive. This works great for an enterprise organisation that has a big budget and can create a dedicated support team for the platform. In our experience however, those who start with an open source platform get very frustrated when things don't work and they invariably end up going back to face-to-face training. In some ways, an open source platform can lead to people completely giving up on the e-learning dream and becoming reluctant to try anything else. 

Some platforms start off very well-priced but they have a cap on users and course numbers. Therefore, as your organisation grows, you will need to pay for more user accounts, for more storage space, or for additional support. Intuto has tackled this issue by having no limits on storage space. Our most popular plan, Service Plus, only caps users at 1000 which is more than enough for most of our customers. If you require more than 1000 users or 50 active courses, we recommend you contact us to discuss your requirements. It could be that Intuto is not the right fit for you. We believe in being honest about Intuto's features and we want everyone to have a great experience with Intuto - regardless of whether they decide to sign up as a customer. However, for our customers, this works really well because don't spend time chasing up extra user accounts, buying storage space and they don't need to negotiate contracts from time to time. We're proud to have a range of customers, including small hospitality restaurants, large Associations with a 1000 members and growing SME organisations. 

The last barrier we see in most other platforms is that they do not have an authoring tool. As such, another software tool is required and these are often complicated and expensive. Without an easy to use authoring tool, organisations often end up paying for an instructional designer to create courses. That adds additional time and costs to an already stretched budget especially, for small to medium sized businesses. To counter this issue, we decided to create a simple to use built in authoring tool. 

Keep it Simple! 

Intuto has been built on the idea of simplicity. At the time the platform was first built, our founders noticed that the e-learning tools on the market were either too complex, expensive or very difficult to navigate. With that in mind, they decided that the main value behind Intuto's design and philosophy had to be simple

Our platform is designed to be easy to use at both the backend and the front-end. The authoring tool lets people add pages, videos, quizzes and embed a variety of different media. We provide ongoing training and support to our customers, so that they can up-skill themselves and their team quickly. 

With a focus on simplicity, we’ve thought carefully about our customers and the features they really need. By focusing on needs and not wants, we carefully pick and choose features that add longstanding value to our customers. At the office, we debate the next features our development team can build and the benefits for our customers. It also means we’re not spending money on developments that may not actually help our customers in the long run.

Simplicity also runs across our pricing model and the fees we charge to our customers. We want anyone who looks at our pricing to understand what they are signing up for and what benefits they will receive for that pricing. In light of this, we do not have any onboarding fees and do not charge extra for training. Unfortunately, some e-learning platforms do not have their pricing disclosed on their websites and that’s not fair. How can a prospective customer understand the ongoing costs of a platform? We want you to understand what benefits you're getting with Intuto and the monthly costs that will be incurred. 

Ultimately, our goal was to help our customers learn the platform quickly, review a few FAQs and set up a new course within 24 hours. Online learning should be a part of every organisation's overall digital strategy. Intuto was developed to strip away cost barriers and complexity that were otherwise in place. That's why we've developed Intuto and the whole business to keep costs for our customers as low as possible. Effectively and quickly, we will democratise online learning. 

If you want to know more about our pricing plans and/or our philosophy, feel free to contact us for more help and information. 

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