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Natalie Mcconnell

Sep 12, 2014

Supporting Simple and Fun Training

Hi, I am Natalie from customer service, which means I get to interact with our lovely customers by phone and email ensuring they have a quality Intuto experience, I also make sure the fridge is always topped up with essentials - (Minions don’t work on just bananas alone). And I like to help keep the noise levels up in the office.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this new product. You see in another life I was a systems trainer, and while I was pretty good at communicating and presenting, having to write the training material would do my head in, and take an inordinate amount of my time. If someone had come to me and said we have a product that can take your material, make it look professional, is easy to use and could be tracked and managed I would have absolutely done a happy dance, and taken as much credit for the awesomeness for myself.

Anyway we recently got to brainstorm about our product, and a lot of mention was made of our key message Making Training Simple and Fun. This actually got me reflecting (makes a change from tormenting Richard about the election)

What does Simple and Fun mean?


One person’s simple can be another persons extremely difficult. I see a lot of this with my customer service role. There are still many people out there who are still not particularly computer literate, and “simple” tasks that we take for granted can be extremely challenging.

So when we talk about simple we mean

• No confusing jargon
• Easy to follow instructions
• A clear and logical process to follow
• Plenty of support
• Etc
• Etc

Now to the Fun bit, this is also open to interpretation. For example the Lovely Fran - our awesome Stakeholder Relations Manager, finds getting a whole range of tasks completed fun, whereas I find “wishing away” a whole lot of tasks far more enjoyable. My 20 year old daughter Lauren loves nothing more than watching Funny and Die clips on Youtube and listening to Two Chainz, and for Billie the Office Dog, a day without a bin inspection is a day wasted.

But we really do think we have nailed this fun thing. You see with our new product you will be able to tailor interactive and interesting training courses around the activities you either must do - health and safety training or love to do, rubbish bin inspections or Two Chainz appreciation courses. And you with the facility to add online content, and learning templates you can tailor your courses to reflect your brand and your personality and know you are providing a quality training experience.

But don’t just take my word for it. Have a look for yourself. And let us know what you think. And if you have any questions you may very well end up corresponding with me. Unless I am on fridge duty of course.


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