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Every year tens of thousands of employees and volunteers are onboarded using Intuto

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Why use an LMS for onboarding training?

Employee onboarding software (also referred to as induction training software or a learning management system) helps you move onboarding training online for better delivery and management. Using an LMS for onboarding brings big benefits for both your company and employees as new hires join your team.

Lower Training Costs

Reduce travel, venue, and instructor expenses by bringing training online where it can be used time and time again for no added cost.

Save Time

Help staff get back to work faster with web-based classes available online and on-demand.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Take the hassle out of day-to-day administration by easily automating repeatable tasks like grading tests and assignments.
Policy tracking
Health & Safety
Knowledge sharing
Mobile Friendly
Accessible 24/7
Consistent Training

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Skillpod templates are ready to go or tailor the modules for your people, place and brand. Pick & mix online training topics that reflect your culture and values. The hard work is done for you.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the company structure, values and protocols
  • Identify key roles and people in the business
  • Understand site-specific emergency procedures
  • Demonstrate good workplace communication skills
  • Create an ergonomic and Health and Safety compliant workspace


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How much could you save by using Intuto?

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TBI health used Intuto to convert manual training content for staff induction and standard operating procedures into online courses. Since 2018 staff engagement has increased year on year with almost 5000 registrations and over 2000 hours of learning completed online.
TBI health

We make it easy to deliver digitised induction training.