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Richard Warren

Jun 8, 2023

Innovative Approaches to Member Engagement and Retention


Are you struggling to get and retain members? Are you unsure what member engagement is all about? If so, your business or association isn't going to get very far.

Members are the lifeblood of every organisation. If you don't have them, your organisation will quickly crumble into nothing. The problem usually involves engagement and retention. Once you get members, you have to figure out how to keep them around. Certain engagement tips might work, while others might flop. It depends on who your members are and what they're interested in.

If you're struggling with member engagement, you can fix the problem in several innovative ways. But where should you start? Keep reading and learn more about how it works below.

Why Is Member Engagement and Retention Important?

Everyone knows that it can be difficult to get new members. You first have to figure out how to attract new members to your association. You need to show them that your association is better than competing options. You need to make sure that you focus on the right kind of audience that will be interested in what your association provides. Once you get some interested people, you have to onboard them. This can take a while, depending on how detailed your onboarding process is.

This allows the members to understand how your association works and what they should expect as members. It may take a few weeks for them to get used to their new positions. During this time, your new members will stay occupied as they continue learning new things. But this period won't last long. The novelty of being a member will soon wear off, and you'll have to figure out a way to keep them interested. Having a lot of members is important for any growing association.

Members will act as your foundation and can help you achieve your goals. But once members start leaving you, all this will start to fall apart. It will become much more difficult to achieve your goals, and it might even become impossible to reach them if you don't have enough support.

This is one of many reasons why you need to keep your members around.

The Details

Your members will also create a tight-knit community that will help your association blossom. Once your members get over the excitement of being new to your association, you need to discover how you can keep them around.

Members are likely to leave if they feel that they aren't appreciated or noticed in the association. They are also more likely to leave if they are losing interest in your association and feel that they aren't being challenged. They would rather turn to another association that is more engaging and interesting.

This is not something you want to happen if you want your association to stay on the right track. Once a few of your members start leaving, the others may get the same idea and follow them out. This would put you back at square one and you'd have to go to the trouble of finding a bunch of new members again.

But you can avoid this problem if you find innovative ways to keep your members around. Besides retaining your members, you also need to keep them engaged. There is no point in having members if they don't engage in a business conference or other events. There are many helpful tips you can use to improve engagement as well.

Make Members Feel Like They’re Part of a Community

One of the best ways you can improve member engagement is by emphasising the importance of your members. If your members don't feel like they're making a difference, what reason do they have to stick around? They could easily leave and do something more productive at another organisation. Emphasising the importance of community in the organisation is one of the easiest ways to solve this problem. You can emphasise your association's community in many different ways. Consider running surveys for your members to answer.

Businesses often run surveys to improve employee retention rates and get a better feel of their workforce. Surveys are great because you can get a better idea of what your members are thinking or feeling. You can ask certain questions in the survey to understand the perspective of your members.

Do they think that something about the association should be changed? Are they happy with how things currently are? Do they have recommendations for how certain things should be done differently?

What You Need to Know

Better understanding your members will help you figure out how you can keep them around and engaged. Running regular surveys will also show the members that what they say matters. It will also show that members working together can make a difference.

While this may sound simple, it's a great way to keep your members around and interested in your association. It's also important to monitor member data. You can do this when you have high-quality member engagement software on your side. This software will make it easier to track different types of data that your members generate. You can see how productive your members are and what they do daily for the association. You can get a better idea of their interests, too.

Gathering more information about your members will make it easier to target them. It also makes it easier to form a more tight-knit community. You can tailor the association more toward the members. This will make the members have a more favourable outlook of the association. And as the association grows and changes, the members will still feel like an integral part of it all. Don't forget to communicate with the members, either.

Communication is important for establishing community and trust. It is also necessary to create an open dialogue among the members. The more people communicate with each other, the more ideas will be shared. This is the foundation of member engagement. It may also improve how your association works. You never know when a member might have a particularly good idea for how things should function within the association.

Allow For More Experiences and Accessibility

If you want your members to stick around, you'll need to experiment with member experiences. Digital experiences are important as they will stick around in the minds of your members. Virtual events and meetings are the foundation of this concept.

These meetings don't always have to be formal. A big meeting may make some of your members nervous, and a more casual approach may be far more welcome. Regular digital experiences will help your members communicate with other members of the association. This allows them to share experiences, ideas, and so on. The meeting may also focus on a particular concept.

You may want to discuss a new change that has been made to the association. You can take this time to discuss what is new and how your members can adjust. You can also talk about what you would like to happen in the future for the association.

You can also use virtual experiences as a learning opportunity for your members.

What Else Should You Consider?

Consider offering courses or small quizzes to help your members learn more about the organisation and how it functions. Offering this kind of high-quality content will keep your members engaged and aware of any changes that are taking place within the association.

Small quizzes are ideal for making sure that this new information sticks in a person's head.It is also possible to have physical events that your members can attend. While these events can be very helpful, it is important to consider that it might not be possible for everyone to attend.

Physical events are not as flexible as digital events. This is why more organisations are opting for digital experiences. This is important for accessibility.

To further improve accessibility, make sure the platform you use is very easy for your members to use. You don't want a platform that is confusing as this can cause your member retention to drop. But a platform that is easy for everyone to understand shouldn't cause any problems.

All About Member Engagement and Retention

Member engagement and retention are two of the most important aspects of running an association. Without your members, your association will crumble, and it will be very hard to achieve your goals. But with a healthy member community, you won't have a problem.

Are you ready to improve member engagement? You can book a demo here to learn more about how it works.

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