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Adrian Sallis

May 31, 2022

Ta-da! It’s a…. New website!


It’s something of a cliche that tech companies don’t revamp their websites quite as often as they should, preferring instead to focus on their software. We’re certainly guilty of that one! As many of you will know, a website redesign is a daunting prospect, so to avoid it you spend a lot of time tweaking parts of the site here and there until it gets so ragged around the edges that really there’s no choice but to redo the whole thing. Yet for us, and many of our customers, our website is our ‘shopfront’ and deserves to be given the same level of attention as we would lavish on a physical store. 

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen a shift in the sorts of companies that want to use Intuto, especially as remote working and training have become something of the norm for many businesses. We’ve changed a bit too, getting a better understanding of what’s most important to our customers and to us. It’s part values, part brand and part that we're just growing up as a company. A website should be a good reflection of that and ours was no longer doing justice in reflecting what we are really about. 



So, at the start of the year we decided to revamp the website. It hasn't been undertaken lightly and we've put a lot of thought into it.  The result is what we’ve gone live with today. We think it’s a bold new step for us and we hope you like it too. All the same information is there in more or less the same place it was before, but we’ve tried to make it clearer and easier to find. We’d love to hear what you think and how it reflects upon you and your learners.

There will be other more subtle changes to come. Especially around some of the wording and pictures over the next few months as we continue to implement our new vision for the website. However, we thought it was best to update the look of the site first and that’s where most of you will see the greatest changes. We’re determined to keep it fresh and relevant, certainly more than we've been doing recently, in order to be the best service provider possible for you and anyone you happen to mention it to… hint, hint ;-)  

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