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Course Summary stats
From the Course Report see a summary of key engagement stats such as average time spent online and average progress.
Send reminders from the dashboard
Send email reminders, right from the report, to all participants, no matter where they are up to in the course. Great for hurrying along the slowpokes.
Measure Engagement
See how much time people are spending on your courses. From the course report page, see the average time spent. Then zoom into staff members’ own pages to see detail ranging from the total time spent to time spent on individual course parts.
More reports than you can shake a stick at
Intuto has nine different reports that you can use to examine how your staff are engaging and learning with your content, from looking at individual course registrations, learning progress and results through to multi-course reports and expiring course registrations.
Check-in on check points
Checkpoints help you test people’s understanding of your content. With Intuto’s reports you can analyse performance across people and questions. Spot patterns in responses to help you identify common problem areas.
Tracking and Reporting
Check staff engagement with your training by capturing how long they are spending on training and how much of the training they’ve progressed through.
Policy Acknowledgments
Make sure you and your staff are compliant by capturing staff acknowledgement of important policies like your health and safety, drug and alcohol, and sexual harassment policies.
Export your reports
Intuto makes it easy to review reports, select data criteria and then download reports in Excel format so you can review it later.
Ksenia Morris, Business Development and Training Manager, GOOD GROUP HOSPITALITY
I can follow up on users' progress from the office and contact them via Intuto to ensure completion.
Ksenia Morris, Business Development and Training Manager, GOOD GROUP HOSPITALITY

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