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We start with why. Understanding your goals, vision and why change is needed. We get to know your business, your audience, current challenges, where you want to go, and how to measure success. Getting us involved in strategic decision making means that your learning and development will become an integral part of your success.

Our Learning and Design Strategy Process

1. Your Why
Why are you looking to move your training online? What are your goals? Your Challenges? Having a shared deep understanding of why will make desired outcome clearer.
2. Your Audience
People come from diverse backgrounds, learn differently, have different levels of experience and technical ability. Understanding your audience will help us develop the best plan for your content.
3. Planning and Pathway
Based on the first two steps as well as your budget, timelines and technology we'll develop a detailed plan for the build and delivery.
4. Agile Development
Intuto follows an agile development methodology for content development. Regular feedback loops and quick turn around of content iterations delivery better results faster.
5. Review and Revise
All stakeholders are included to ensure no person is left behind and content is piloted in 'real life' usage to ensure content objectives are being met.
6. Training and Implementation
Intuto will provide develop and provide an appropriate training plan to ensure course content will be shared efficiently with end users and that administrators know how to access reporting functionality.
7. Measure, Report and Review
Intuto will actively help you measure the impact of your training, both qualitatively and quantitively. Intuto will also help you measure like-for-like results with industry averages across similar businesses and demographics.
8. Ongoing Support and Advice
Our job isn't done when your content is delivered. Our focus is on growing a long term sustainable partnership and our ongoing support and advice reflects our commitment to your success.

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