May Release - Sharing and Reporting Update

Posted by Joshua Collins on May 19, 2017 11:04:22 AM

What's New?

May is the month of sharing and reporting. This update is focused on these two elements, with a rebuild of our sharing, user management and reporting tools for courses.

Share Page

We’ve made user management and course sharing in Intuto easier and more user friendly. First of all, you'll now find functions relating to management of the course users on the share page. You'll find several key features that used to be accessed from the content page are now handled here. As a result, you can add contributors, remove them, remove contributor status, add and remove users on the fly and so much more.

We've done this to make using Intuto more intuitive. By handling all of the course user management in one place, we hope to speed up your ability to manage and share your content!


New Share Page New Share Page

Course Reports

We’ve added some cool stuff under the hood and on the outside. You’ll now notice that you have the ability to report on multiple courses, improved sorting options, and access to reporting from the dashboard. Some advanced functionality has been added which is accessed via the report or reporting buttons on the dashboard.

Under the hood we’ve made some changes to how it all runs, so now you should experience performance improvements when using the reporting functions!

Polishes & Fixes

We’ve fixed lots of issues this release - 15+ pesky bugs and errors. Some won’t be apparent, others definitely will.

As always, if you find things that aren’t working as expected, or features you want added, just let us know.


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