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Seline McNamee

May 9, 2018

Enhancing Safety Training with On-line learning


When Besafe Training Ltd were looking to develop and grow their online training offerings, Intuto’s simplicity made them an attractive choice.


Besafe Training Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated Private Training Establishment (PTE), offering a wide range of health and safety, NZQA registered courses. They are a Category 1 training provider, which means NZQA is Highly Confident of their capability in educational performance and self-assessment.

Besafe trainers are experts in their field of training and ensure a positive relationship with course participants. They have a wide range of expertise including emergency services, the building industry, confined space work and working at heights.

The challenge

We were looking to develop and grow our online training offerings and upon discovering Intuto, I was attracted to the simplicity it offered in the development and implementation.

The solution

After providing initial training and loading first content, Intuto took a back seat, leaving Besafe Training Ltd to create their own courses with little need for further help.

Favourite Intuto features include:

  • The Content Editor, which is simple and intuitive for users from any background to create elegant and interactive content
  • Intuto’s Tracking / Reporting function, which allows site owners to see how users are progressing through their courses
  • Quizzes, multiple choice quizzes that you can track, set a pass mark for or limit the number of attempts


  • Intuto has helped Besafe Training Ltd to grow their online courses
  • Increased efficiency, as online training saves time
  • Increase revenue and increased the value of their offerings
  • Intuto has helped Besafe to maintain compliance in Health and Safety and other areas.


‘... it has been great to work with a local company who offer great service and communication.’
Jason Braithwaite, General Manager, Besafe Training Ltd


Want to find out more?
Meet with us today or email support@intuto.com

To find out more about Besafe Training Ltd go to www.besafetraining.co.nz

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