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Hannah Warren

Jul 15, 2022

For the Trucking and Logistics' Industry: Moving Online For Better Health


In the last blog [insert hyperlink here], we looked at the major pain points of health and safety training in the trucking industry. In this blog, we’ll explore in more depth how Intuto’s e-learning platform can improve training and compliance.

There are four key training areas in which Intuto could be used to improve existing systems. 


One of the most important ways that trucking and logistics organisations can use Intuto’s online training platforms is creating loading and unloading site inductions for drivers. These courses will ensure that any employed or external drivers abide by the company’s health and safety policies, keeping everyone safe and avoiding compliance issues.

Information that can be shared includes:

  • Where drivers can enter, exit and park for loading and unloading, or for longer periods out of the loading zone. The ability to upload elements such as images and maps to Intuto courses will be extremely useful here. 
  • Where drivers can go to take a break, including designated smoking areas. 
  • How to load and unload trucks safely, including the use of machinery such as forklifts.
  • What to do in the case of an emergency such as a fire or earthquake, or an accident. Intuto offers a range of template courses that are a great starting point for this (more on these later).
  • Driver obligations when on site, such as signing in and high-vis requirements.

Intuto’s multi-course format means that this information can be broken up by category (as above) and by site, which would be useful for truck drivers who visit multiple sites up and down the country. Breaking up the induction courses into smaller pieces means that drivers are only covering information that is relevant to them, saving them precious time.

General Workplace Responsibilities

Trucking and logistics companies can also create a course for all drivers, as well as on-site staff. This would cover general workplace responsibilities and expectations such as no drinking on the job, no illicit drugs, no bullying or harassment and compliance with health and safety regulations. It could also include more specific workplace expectations such as upholding the company’s reputation, vehicle cleanliness and media policies.

On-road Safety

One of the most important parts of an online training course for truck drivers is the on-road safety course. While drivers obviously know the road rules, there’s no harm in refresher courses occasionally, especially if they’re offered in tiny minute-long sessions with knowledge checks. This could also be used to inform drivers if road rules change so they’re always up to date.

On-road safety courses should also include information on mandated rest periods, as one of the leading causes of truck accidents is fatigue. In New Zealand, the break requirements are complex: drivers must take a break of at least 30 minutes after five and a half hours of work, regardless of what type of work is done. A work day can be a maximum of 13 hours followed by a continuous break of at least 10 hours (as well as the half-hour breaks every five and a half hours) every 24 hours, and a cumulative 70 hours of work must be followed by a continuous break of at least 24 hours.

Companies should use online safety courses to ensure that drivers are aware of these requirements and know the best ways to keep track so they adhere to the restrictions and get enough rest to drive safely.

Personal health and wellbeing

There is a wealth of research that continuously shows that truck drivers have higher than average rates of obesity, diabetes, cancers, musculoskeletal disorders, arthritis, back pain, heart disease, lung disease, hearing problems depression and other mental health issues. Many of these health issues can be directly linked to drivers’ lifestyles: shift work, disturbed sleeping patterns, isolation, low rates of exercise, bad diets and long hours in the driver’s seat are guaranteed to have negative effects on health.

Trucking and logistics companies could include health and wellness modules in their Intuto online training courses for drivers to encourage better physical and mental health outcomes.

Black and white truck wheels

A framework could include the following categories:

  • Basic exercises and stretches that could be done in the driver’s seat or at a truck stop during short break periods. 
  • Nutrition advice, including healthier options to look for at petrol stations and roadside diners, healthy snacks that are easy to pack for long journeys and recommended daily intakes for fruit, vegetables and water.
  • Mental health support, with suggestions for ways drivers can keep themselves and other drivers mentally healthy, symptoms of depression to look out for, and contact details for free mental health support. 

This holistic approach to health and safety can help prevent serious injuries or fatalities, reduce time off work and save the company money.

As mentioned earlier, Intuto has a range of template courses that companies can use as a solid foundation for their online health and safety training strategy. This will make implementing Intuto faster and smoother, and have drivers and other staff fully compliant as quickly as possible.

The template courses, which can be personalised to suit individual companies, include:

  • Generic health and safety 
    • Identifying hazards and risks, and tracking and updating control measures.
    • Explains the duties of staff members, what they can and can’t do.
  • Fire safety in the workplace
    • What to do to prepare for a fire emergency.
    • How to minimise the fire risk in the workplace.
    • Dealing with and surviving a fire situation.
  • Dangerous goods handling and storage
    • Classification system for hazardous substances.
    • Control measures.
    • Labelling and safety data sheets.
    • Hazardous substances health risks.
    • Control measures.
  • Civil defence emergency management
    • Preparing for a disaster at your workplace.
    • What to do in case of an emergency.
    • Personal workplace emergency plan.
    • What staff members need to know.

Why Intuto?

As discussed, the nature of the trucking industry – the number of sites involved, the risks of long-distance driving and the irregular hours – means that health and safety training is essential, yet remains difficult to undertake.

The simple solution is to offer all essential training online with an easy-to-use, mobile friendly e-learning platform that also offers comprehensive knowledge checking and reporting.

Intuto’s platform is perfect for people working in the trucking and logistics industry, as it allows training to be broken up into small modules that can be done in bite-sized pieces at any hour that suits drivers’ irregular schedules. The courses are also mobile friendly, which means training can be done anywhere, and doesn’t require the learner to have a personal computer.

Usually, any truck driver visiting a site for the first time would be required to complete a health and safety induction. This can be a real drain on a driver who is in the middle or at the end of a long run. If they can complete it in advance, on their mobiles, and refer back to it if necessary while on site, that saves precious time on the run.

Intuto also offers excellent tracking, assessing and reporting capabilities, which is essential for ensuring health and safety compliance. You’ll be able to track how long people are taking on each section, and knowledge checkpoints throughout modules show you where learners have understood the content and where comprehension is lacking so information will need to be repeated.

Based on this reporting of the business as a whole or in segments, you can address issues with specific sites or jobs by providing extra training. You will also be able to see which learners have not completed their training and automate reminders to them.

In addition, because your training programs are stored in your e-learning platform, you can use them again and again for new drivers and site staff without incurring additional costs.

If your trucking and logistics company needs help with health and safety training and compliance, get in touch with the Intuto team and find out how moving online could work for you.

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